Scott Greer

  • A conversation with the Philly actor, now playing in Les Miserables
  • Part of our series taking a look at theatre in Philadelphia
  • By Joel Markowitz

DC theatre goers will remember Philadelphia theatre veteran Scott Greer’s outrageous, over-the-top performance as The Stranger in the Round House Theatre’s A Murder, A Mystery and A Marriage, the musical version of Mark Twain’s newly rediscovered short story.  

Now, Scott is playing the comic relief in Les Miserables at Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. Scott’s big number – “Master of the House”-  is a relief to the audience who has watched so much misery before Scott and actress Dawn Spence (Madame Thenardier) ham it up and bring some laughs.

“The audience is glad to see me. People are ready for it.”

Joel loved Scott’s performance as Dr. Faustus in Arden Theatre’s production of Wittenberg, and Scott talks about the role that was “a real gift.” 

Click here to listen online.

Also appearing with Scott is Hugh Panaro as Jean Valjean.  Listen to Hugh’s podcast here.

Les Miserables is at the Walnut Street Theater, 825 Walnut Street in Philadelphia thru August 3rd.




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