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September 1, 2014



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The critics respond to Gidion’s Knot
Tim Treanor . DCTheatreScene   a story of irredeemable grief.
Tanya Pei . Washingtonian   If Gidion’s Knot were an installment of a TV series, it could be considered a “bottle episode.”
Nelson Pressley . Washington Post   … sharp as a knife, but undone by threadbare plot details.
John Soltenberg . DCMetroTheaterArts   At the core of this inexorable and engrossing drama by Johnna Adams is a disturbing enigma…
Jennifer Perry . BroadwayWorld   …not one of your standard, paint-by-the-numbers, afterschool special type of plays about bullying in the schools.
Elliot Lanes . MDTheatreGuide   Any play that deals with a hot topic like bullying in school is likely to get a lot of attention from theatre companies across the country.


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The critics respond to Molly
Richard Barry . DCTheatreScene   Love is lonely business in the literary-historical, one-person play Molly by George O’Brien.
Chris Klimek . City Paper   It seems shortsighted or worse to dismiss Allgood’s story… as a mere footnote of literary history.
Missy Frederick . Washingtonian   Meet Molly. She’s a hard woman to root for, and a hard woman to relate to, and the audience has to spend quite a bit of time with her …
Michael Poandl . DCMetroTheaterArts   Scena has gone green, and I’m not talking about reusable grocery bags.



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The critics respond to She Kills Monsters
Richard Barry . DCTheatreScene   D&D is not therapy.” That’s what Tilly, a charismatic tomboy played by Rebecca Hausman, tells her older sister Agnes in the hilarious and fluid Rorschach production…
Andrew Lapin . City Paper   …exactly as fun as a show about young adults playing Dungeons & Dragons should be, and maybe that’s enough to ask for.
Alan Katz . BroadwayWorld   Nostalgia used to be a disease. It’s where we get the word homesickness from.
Roger Calin . MDTheatreGuide   It seems fitting that LARP and theater would eventually meet.
Peter Marks . Washington Post   …Rorschach Theatre boldly goes where a generation of dungeon masters has gone before, to tell the story of a young woman who, in losing herself in a game, reclaims a long-gone loved one.
Michael Poandl . DCMetroTheaterArts   She Kills Monsters is bad ass.


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The critics respond to Shining City
Mark Dewey . DCTheatreScene   Shining City raises a question about our demons: do we make them up to punish ourselves, or do they exist outside us in the world?
Chris Klimek . City Paper   [Conor McPherson] was newly divorced and newly sober by the time of Shining City, a vivid and convincing dissection of regret.
Andrew White . BroadwayWorld   Then there are …the chimeras of lives we might have led and relationships just within our grasp that, for whatever reason, were never meant to be.
Roger Catlin . MDTheatreGuide   Shining City is thought to be the pinnacle of playwright Conor McPherson’s powers,
Cyle Durkee . DCMetroTheaterGuide  
Conor McPherson loves the supernatural. His plays exude an otherworldliness that seeps into the dialogue and infects the players.



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The critics respond to Sunday in the Park with George
Jayne Blanchard . DCTheatreScene   inspires like a great work of art. You never tire of looking at it and you see new things, feel new things every time you take it in.
Doug Rule . MetroWeekly   a fresh, snazzy production of Sondheim’s Seurat-inspired musical Sunday in the Park with George
Trey Graham . City Paper    “Color and light,” as one number in Sunday in the ParkWith George puts it in deliciously staccato rhythms, are what the post-impressionist painter Georges Seurat was obsessed with manipulating.
Charles Shubow . BroadwayWorld   Director Matthew Gardiner works wonders with Sondheim musical.
Barbara Mackay . Theatermania
   Turning chaos into order, dot by dot.
Tim Smith . Baltimore Sun   Has any creator in the realm of musical theater ever considered each syllable of text, each note and harmonic turn as deeply as Stephen Sondheim?
John Glass . DramaUrge   A play that reflects the creative process should be messy, chaotic, come with stretches of ennui, sound discordant, and contain characters that take on a life of their own.
Peter Marks . Washington Post   Sometimes, a painting strikes you as so glorious it seems to sing to you. On far rarer occasions, it actually does.
Mark Beachy . MDTheatreGuide   You will never look at a painting the same way again …
David Friscic . DCMetroTheaterArts   … each element of Signature Theatre’s stunning production of Sunday in the Park with George flows seamlessly together to create one unified artistic entity.

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