An interview with Director Mary Zimmerman


Director Mary Zimmerman on The Arabian Nights and Candide DC audiences were given two holiday gifts from Director Mary Zimmerman: her lavish and eye-popping productions of Candide for The Shakespeare Theatre Company and The Arabian Nights for Arena Stage. I became a fan of Mary’s after seeing her Tony Award-winning production of Metamorphoses at Circle […]

Broadway – The American Musical (Book & DVDs)

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There are many ways to approach the topic of musical theatre. There’s the scholarly approach of books that survey the topic as a whole. There’s the research approach that digs into one slice of the topic at great length. There’s the biographical approach looking  at the life of one contributor or team at a time. […]

Beyond Therapy


Bruce (Graham Pilato) meets Prudence (Mundy Spears) at a restaurant. It is their first date, and they are both nervous. They shake hands. Bruce gestures her to her seat, and sits down across from her. He looks into her eyes. They share a moment. “You have beautiful breasts,” he says, and the worst date in […]

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