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Max Liebman’s televised operettas

Three operettas from Max Liebman’s spectacular-for-their-time television spectaculars dating back to 1955 have been released on DVD. They have been taken from black-and-white kinescopes and cleaned up quite acceptably, especially when it comes to the soundtrack which is presented in the original monaural with no attempt to “simulate” stereo.

Derek Jacobi as King Lear from NT Live

King Lear, like Hamlet for younger male actors, is a hurdle that challenges and daunts actors aspiring to tackle all the major Shakespeare leads. Sir Derek Jacobi, in his long-awaited accession to the role in Michael Grandage’s intense, intimate production, captured the universality of the play by portraying one man’s personal tragedy. His Lear was […]

Basra Boy

Sometimes you just get lucky.   A small theatre, a new play, a young actor, a sleeting night. Going out to theatre can seem a gamble not worth the pains. But tonight it all came together, and audiences who ventured to Keegan Theatre’s world premiere of Basra Boy were treated to the real deal. Both play […]

Oklahoma! is coming back

This morning, Arena Stage announced that their groundbreaking production of Oklahoma! returns to the Fichandler Stage for an extended 3 month run, July 8–October 9, 2011 featuring many of the performers from its original 2010 production.

Jay Landesman has made his final exit

Jay Landesman, cultural original, has died at 91 Irving “Jay” Landesman, whose revolutionary musical played for less than a month on Broadway but set a template for The Fantasticks and other small-orchestra musicals, died Sunday morning at his home in London.


Can two people overcome racial barriers through simple love and acceptance, or are they insane for even attempting to ignore this most fundamental of societal divisions? Such is the central dilemma of Tether, an exciting new production that follows the simple, arresting tale of biracial twins growing up in 1990’s Los Angeles.

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