Nominations announced for the 2012 Audience Choice Awards

DC Theatre Scene announces the nominations for its sixth annual Audience Choice Awards based on the 2011 – 2012 season. DCTS writers considered 274 professional productions, resulting in nominations for 47 theatre companies which produced work on large and small stages, and 139 performances. The categories are Plays, Musicals, Operas and Family Shows which opened August 16, 2011 thru July 31, 2012.

The nominations are now turned over to the public, who will vote in a two stage process through personalized ballot, starting Tuesday, August 7th. DC Theatre Scene newsletter subscribers, and those who have requested a ballot as of Sunday, August 5th are already on the list to begin voting on Tuesday. Deadline to become a voter in this year’s Awards is midnight, Tuesday, August 12.

The top 3 finalists from the first round of voting will be announced August 15th. The results of the final round of voting will be announced August 23rd.

Lorraine Treanor, editor of DC Theatre Scene, said “This is an exciting time of year when most area theatres have ended their seasons and we, the audience, have the opportunity to collectively applaud those productions and performances which entertained us, which moved us, which opened our hearts to the human experience.”

“Washington has some of the best audiences in the country. I hope all of you will become voters, and will encourage other theatregoers to join in as we give one last round of applause to the 2011-2012 theatre season.”

Request your personal ballot:  Deadline: August 12 at midnight

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