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An Iliad

 Sing, Goddess, of the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles, the accursed rage that brought great suffering to the Achaeans. These cold winter nights are made for storytelling, for gathering in warm places and listening fervently to oft-told tales.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

As we approach the fiscal cliff (by the time you read this, we might be over the edge), as we battle the sleet and the hail and the snow and the rain, there is one oasis that puts all that unimportant stuff out of mind, and it’s in a little theatre on West 43rd Street […]

New year – new changes on DC Theatre Scene

A Note from Lorraine Treanor Big problem – new solution. During the last month or so, DC Theatre Scene has faced some technical challenges in our effort to bring fresh theatre news to you. Some of these have been due to hacker attacks on our server, delivered at random by those who enjoy disabling sites […]

PWYC new play reading, Sat. Dec 29 at 8pm

Time for one more reading this year? Flying V Theatre (remember Me and Devil Blues?) will be performing a reading of a new play, The Library, by company member Lee August Praley. 

Artisphere policy change leaves WSC Avant Bard homeless

This just in from WSC Avant Bard – After two years as the resident theatre company at Arlington County’s Artisphere, WSC Avant Bard finds itself unexpectedly homeless.

Les Miserables – movie review

Have you heard there’s a film version of “Les Misérables”? Just kidding; of course you have. For the last several months the media bombardment preceding the Christmas day opening of this movie musical has been unprecedented.

Special PWYC performance of The Mountaintop, Jan 21 – offer good Jan 4 and 5 only

January 21, 2013 the nation pauses to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama and to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr Day. In honor of these events, CENTERSTAGE will be making 100 Pay What You Can tickets available for their special performance on Jan 21st.  Purchases must be made in person at the CenterStage box […]

Studio Theatre’s An Iliad as seen by its director and performer

Nearly 3,000 years after Homer first penned and, possibly, performed The Iliad, co-authors Lisa Peterson and the actor Denis O’Hare created a solo play from Homer’s ode to larger than life warriors, Olympian gods and man’s weakness for violence. Their adaptation is an intimate theatrical piece which returns to the oral tradition of a poet […]

Theatres open for New Year’s Eve

This year, New Year’s Eve falls on Monday, the day when theatres are traditionally closed. But this year, you have ten chances to catch your last show of 2012 on New Year’s Eve and still have time to get where you’d like to be by the time the ball falls.

Voices from Apples from the Desert: we talk with the director, Michael Tolaydo and Ari Roth

The Negev accounts for more than half of Israel’s land area. Extending over Israel’s southern region, this sparsely populated desert area has a rich history that stretches back thousands of years to nomads and Abraham. News from today’s Negev is often a grim reminder of ongoing conflicts with missile attacks and escalating tensions.

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