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Hannah Willman on getting the sudden call to play Eliza

She became everyone’s fair lady when she stepped from the ensemble into the leading role of Eliza Doolittle at Arena Stage last Saturday night and turned in a heart-stealing performance.  We were able to catch up with Hannah Willman who told us what the experience was like.

When illness strikes, Arena discovers a new fair lady in its midst

It reads more like a scene from a 50’s showbiz movie. It’s the closing weekend. The Saturday night performance is nearly sold out. The star is taken ill. Her understudy is ill.


Tryst is a story of lies, theft, and the death of dreams, which is to say it is the story of ordinary life. George Love (Felipe Cabezas), or whatever he called himself, made his living during the salad days of the last century by pretending to love unhappy, unattached young ladies and by so doing […]

We Tiresias

When a play can get the job done in an hour and not short-change the audience in terms of character, language, or story, I’d say we have a winning combination. A local writer has written such a play and if you missed it last July, you have one more week to get to Silver Spring […]

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