Netflix renews Slings and Arrows in time for our summer viewing series

Fans of the hilarious Canadian TV series Slings and Arrows will be relieved to know that Netflix, which had planned to sunset it on June 1, has responded to howls of protest – including ours – and renewed the show for another year.

This comes just in time for the start of our weekly visit to the New Burbage Shakespearean festival, starting Tuesday, June 18th.

slingsannounce1As he promised when Smash ended, John Dellaporta will be back, this time with weekly recaps of all 18 episodes from the 3 seasons of this beloved series, written by actors and playwrights, namely actor/playwright (Kingfisher Days) Susan Coyne, Mark McKinney (Kids in the Hall, Saturday Night Live), and actor/playwright Bob Martin (The Drowsy Chaperone).

It’s apparent they had a great deal of fun skewering actors, directors, theatre company staff and even critics with this backstage comedy series, which last aired in 2007.

John is inviting guests from the theatre community to appear on his column. For the first episode, Michael Dove of Forum Theatre and Caitlin Griffith of Folger Theatre contribute to the discussion of “Oliver’s Dream.” If you’d like to be a guest, write us at [email protected]

Here’s an idea — Make Monday night your night to watch an episode of Slings and Arrows. Then check in with us on Tuesday, to get in on the discussion.

Here’s how to watch along with us:

Netflix! $7.99 a month for full access to their entire catalog.

–  Amazon Prime. If you’re already paying for 2-day shipping ($74.99 a year), it’s part of their unlimited online streaming, so you get it for free!

–  Amazon Instant. $1.99 per episode, or $8.99 for each whole season, should you decide you just want to own it digital outright.

– Buy the series on DVD:
Stop by the Shakespeare Theatre Company gift shop or order it on Amazon, for $38.99.


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  1. When will it be back up? I tried to stream it and it isn’t available. Very annoyed by this!!
    [Editor’s note: We’re disappointed as well. While Netflix originally told us they would restore the stream for Slings and Arrows, with the next contract and did so as of this posting, final negotiations only allowed them to offer it as DVD rental. ]



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