Archives for December 11, 2015

Stage Kiss at Round House Theatre (review)

When the leading gent in Round House’s regional premiere of Stage Kiss goes on a mid-Act I rant, he declares that audiences only put up with theatrical smooching because kisses provide a sense of dramatic closure. No one really likes it; they like it’s symbolism. He’s wrong, of course, and the proof is all around […]

Center Stage launches guerrilla theatre videos responding to recent killings

With screenings of theatrical productions becoming more popular – London’s NT Live just reported that Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in Hamlet has brought in just over $4.5 million from world wide viewers – Center Stage in Baltimore has innovated the genre, making plays in response to recent civil rights issues, taking them outside and sharing them […]

Michael C. Hall in Lazarus Review: Bowie’s First Musical

Lazarus, the hottest ticket right now in New York, is a startling new musical, featuring 18 songs written by David Bowie (four of them new), a production directed by auteur-du-jour Ivo van Hove that’s a sensory stimulation chamber, and a plot that might as well be from a different planet.

Salome – guilty or innocent? Tribunes ruling at Shakespeare Theatre

When Salomé, having won her era’s version of Dancing with the Stars, selected as her prize an all-expenses trip to the afterlife for poor John the Baptist, was she engaged in a criminal conspiracy with her mother and stepfather? Or was she exercising her right to petition the King — who happened to be her […]

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