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Director David Catlin on staging Moby Dick high in the air

In the annals of American literature, most agree that Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, written by Herman Melville in 1851, is one of the greatest masterpieces of all-time. The classic story follows Ishmael telling the tale of the obsessive quest of Ahab, captain of the whaler the Pequod, seeking revenge on the white whale that bit off his leg at […]

Fritz Lang’s silent movie Metropolis gets new Tom Teasley percussive score (review)

In Constellation Theatre Company’s screeningof Metropolis, Tom Teasley’s live music breathes new life into the 89-year-old classic. Every production in Constellation’s 10th season will feature live music, but this production takes that idea and runs with it. A Constellation collaborator since The Arabian Nights in their first season, Tom Teasley provides a live and partially […]

Michelle Obama to LGBTQ True Colors in White House Awards presentation: “You belong here.”

On November 15, the ceremony for the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards was held at the White House for the eighth and final time. The program was a watershed project of the Obama administration, meant to recognize outstanding extracurricular programs that enrich and transform the lives of young people. Each of the 12 annual […]

Love Jones: The Musical – soulful sounds at The National (review)

If you loved the terrific 1997 film Love Jones, you may want to cue up that DVD again.  Before the opening night show at The National Theatre, an announcement was made that this production of Love Jones: The Musical, was “inspired by” the film but without any of the original dialogue, poetry, or songs.  If you can overcome […]

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