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In the waning days of 2016, I’m remembering the lesson learned by George Bailey, and in particular that horrifying scene when he saw what Bedford Falls would have been like if he had never been born.

Or, in our case, if we had to close.

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Jimmy Stewart in Pottersville from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life

What would DC theatre miss without DC Theatre Scene? Well, for one thing, the witty and expert writing of Jayne Blanchard, who has been covering theatre for decades, and whose writing has only grown in energy and freshness. We’d be without the passionate insights of Christopher Henley, who is himself an acknowledged theatre artist and whose interviews with DC’s leading theatrical practitioners are incisive because he is incisive. We know our readers also see theatre in New York, so we hired the profound New York critic, Jonathan Mandell, who sees between a hundred and a hundred and fifty shows, on-Broadway and off, during the course of the theatre season and gives us the best of his best.

The hard work and perceptiveness of our other nineteen professional reviewers and writers would never be written. Our archives — more than seventy-five hundred reviews, and interviews tracing the history of theatre in DC from our inception – would be gone forever.

Your thousands of searches for show listings would go unanswered.

They say the Internet is forever. But not unless someone spends the time and money to maintain their site. We have had websites in our community abandoned, and along with that, all their work and successes.

We do not want that to be our story. Yet, I am sad to report that this year, we had to turn away chances for reviews and interviews because the money to pay our writers wasn’t available.

It wouldn’t exactly be Pottersville without us, but the lights of the theatre scene would be dimmer.

So please consider helping us over the next two days with a tax-deductible donation to DC Theatre Scene.

We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and while we receive support from advertisers (and sometimes grants), we turn to you for your tax-deductible donations in order to provide you with the level of service you deserve.

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If you help us, perhaps somewhere,an angel will get her wings.

Lorraine Treanor, Editor and Publisher

Lorraine Treanor About Lorraine Treanor

Lorraine Treanor has been editor of DC Theatre Scene since 2006. She has produced plays and concerts in her hometown of Chicago, and twice in the Capital Fringe festival. Her daughter Nina Norris is an artist working in Chicago. Life's a blast because she shares it with writer Tim Treanor.



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