Friends and family of Tricia McCauley set up memorial fund: Health Insurance for Theatre Professionals

As close friends and family of Tricia McCauley, who was viciously murdered on Christmas Day, prepare for her private funeral, public celebrations of her life are being planned around her birthday, February 25th.  

Tricia McCauley,
1970 – 2016

In lieu of flowers, the family is suggesting donations to the fund established in her memory: Tricia McCauley: Health Insurance for Theatre Professionals.

“A running concern for her,” the fund’s originators explained, “was that, being self-employed, she was often without health insurance.  When she qualified for health insurance under the actors’ union, Actors Equity Association, it was a huge relief to her. Unfortunately, that’s an option for only a few theatre professionals, so there’s a great need for a wider safety net.”


There has been an outpouring of support, with over $29,000 raised to meet an initial goal of $75,000. Tricia’s loved ones ultimate hope to establish this resource in perpetuity to assist the many people involved in creating beautiful theatre experiences, and to sustain the vibrant theatre community in Washington, DC.

An adored yoga instructor and herbal healer, Tricia was also a dedicated theatre professional. She not only shined on stage in many productions over the span of 20 years, but she served as Artistic Director of a small professional theatre company, and mentored young men and women in the DC theatre community. Among them were countless actors, producers, designers, and artistic directors. She inspired each to be daring and brave in their pursuit of a theatrical career. The vibrant theatre scene in our area was built in large part with the guidance and kindness Tricia extended to all whom she touched.

Unfortunately, many theatre professionals find themselves in poverty or give up their artistic aspirations because they lack the means to obtain one of the most basic safety nets: health insurance. Through her struggle with food allergies, Tricia knew only too well the financial burden of high healthcare costs.

Friend and fellow collaborator Anne McCaw said of Tricia and this charitable endeavor:

“I can hear Tricia’s voice now: create, create, create! It was a mantra that she shared with everyone she encountered, whether they were in theatre or yoga students or fellow gardeners or people she helped to build a healthy life through nutrition.

“She was fiercely loyal to us DC theatre folk, who she called her tribe. We firmly believe that this is what she would want to come out of her senseless death… the support and motivation to create what she herself found so beautiful and healing.”


Those who wish to contribute in loving memory of Tricia — and to continue her legacy of supporting theatre and all the talented people creating it in our nation’s capital — can make donations via YouCaring:

This article is taken from conversations and a press release provided by the Fund’s organizers.
Look for a future article on DCTS with details about the administration of the Fund.




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  1. Coralie Farlee says:

    GREAT IDEA; GREAT PURPOSE AND GOOD WAY TO REMEMBER TRICIA, a wonderful person and, of course, good actor!

    Is the fund 501(c)(3), i.e., donations to the fund are tax-deductible? What is postal mail address for checks?



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