pen/man/ship at CATF 2016 (review)

This “Maritime Quest for Truth,” starts as passages from a journal or log of an elder statesman on board, Charles Boyd, also referred to as “Sir Charles” because of his sophisticated manner and status.  It’s apparently his boat and mission. He contracted the crew on this voyage of an old whaling ship to Africa in 1896. 

Faction of Fools reprises The Miser (review)

Known for its heightened physical Commedia dell’Arte and mirth, the award winning Faction of Fools Theatre Company takes on Molière’s The Miser for a delightful romp of wit and foolery.  In the hands of the Fools, even the slightest nuance can result in a topple of bodies to aid the interpretation and meaning, and this […]

An Octoroon at Woolly Mammoth Theatre (review)

Daring to take on incendiary subjects of race and slavery is a risky move, but playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is not averse to controversy, and the awards and accolades keep coming – The play won an Obie and acclaim in New York, in addressing “…the complexity of American identities and their unresolvable connection to our legacy […]

riverrun, Finnegans Wake interpreted, part of Ireland 100

Olwen Fouéré stands quietly in the front left corner of the stage. Without saying a word, she exudes a sense of peace, patience, mindfulness and awareness as she watches the audience enter. When the lights go down, she slowly and deliberately begins to move, takes off her shoes and settles to the front of the […]

An American Daughter at Keegan Theatre (review)

A typical Mom is folding laundry, shouting tasks to kids upstairs and handling day-to-day issues on an ordinary day as An American Daughter opens.  Only when she listens to an interview on the radio and criticizes herself for an insignificant flub do we realize that she’s just been nominated by the President as the U.S. Surgeon General.  […]

The Emperor’s Nightingale at Adventure Theatre (review)

A treasured fairy tale of a lovely bird that helps save a kingdom comes alive in the Adventure Theatre/MTC’s production of The Emperor’s Nightingale.  Director Natsu Onoda Power leads a dynamic creative team to tell the story, set in 18th-century China, from a fresh new perspective .

Black Pearl Sings! at MetroStage (review)

Black Pearl Sings! is a powerful, entertaining story of two women from vastly different walks who have life-changing interactions that revolve around snippets of historical music. 

Will Eno’s Middletown by Lumina Stage (review)

  Will Eno is not the easiest writer to access and understand with his lyrical use of language and words that dance and dangle and quirky characters.  The young performers at Lumina Studio Theatre dig into the souls of Middletown’s eccentric inhabitants and relay how we connect to and disconnect from each other in touching […]

After Life and Josephine from UrbanArias (review)

After Life and Josephine are two short operatic works featuring original music by Tom Cipullo.  The first presents Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso in a heated discourse about life decisions and regrets while the world premiere second act features Josephine Baker in a conversation with us …in her dressing room.  Be still my heart, what’s […]

Marcia Milgrom Dodge’s 110 in the Shade at Ford’s Theatre (review)

Having seen and been touched by nearly every version of this story that’s out there, I wondered what yet another iteration would reveal, and I discovered, well plenty! The creative casting and dynamic direction and choreography by Marcia Milgrom Dodge bring the story to life with cultural twists and turns.

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