Black Nativity at Theater Alliance (review)

Having seen numerous renditions of Black Nativity over the years, I didn’t rush to Theater Alliance last year despite hearing how fabulous it was and ended up missing it.  When it swept the Helen Hayes nominations and awards this year, I was thrilled to get a chance to see for myself what the buzz was all […]

Akeelah and the Bee at Arena Stage (review)

Those of us waiting anxiously for new work from playwright by Cheryl L. West can rest easy—she’s still got it and Akeelah and the Bee is worth the wait. Her adaptation of the screenplay by Doug Atchison soars with energy and possibility.

For the Love of Oscar from the New Millennium Howard Players

This inaugural production of the New Millennium Howard Players opens with a sizzling first scene featuring a delectable Lily played by Annette James being thoroughly courted by Sowande Tichawonna, who makes his moves like he’s got something to prove.

Gimme a Band! Gimme a Banana! from Pointless Theatre

Those of us at a certain age grew up with the image of Carmen Miranda as the exotic Brazilian fruit wearing artist who was all the rage in the 1950’s. With Gimme a Band!, Pointless Theatre provides glimpses of the woman beneath the “tutti-frutti” hats.

Oliver! The Musical from Adventure Theatre MTC (review)

Oliver! The Musical is an ambitious undertaking blending top young talent with seasoned professionals on a prestigious stage, and man does it pop and zing!   Director Joseph Ritsch brings the story to life with a gritty realism. There’s no spoonful of sugar to help any of these real life traumas go down. Dickens is gothic […]

Snow White and the 7 Dwarves (review)

There is something about the energy that changes with non-traditional casting that thrusts a tale into new dimensions, even in puppet theater. In this innovative version of Snow White at the Puppet Co, Shayla Garfield plays Snow White, who just happens to be African American and her Prince is Chema Pineda-Fernandez who is Latinx of Native […]

Ring of Fire: the music of Johnny Cash is on fire at Infinity (Review)

Johnny Cash— the name conjures up the iconic look, sound and feel of the man and his music which has become part of the American musical lexicon. Many of us have heard the voice, and recognize the “man in black,” even in silhouette. Ring of Fire brings all of that and more into focus through […]

New from The Welders: happiness (and other reasons to die) Review

We are in darkness.  A shatteringly loud gunshot explodes.  The lights go up.  There is a body under a cover, and a gruesome splattering of blood all over the room.  Particularly disgusting: a huge splotch of gore on the refrigerator.  Several people rush into the room.  They are confused, then upset, then angry.  Octogenarian Ella […]

Commedia-styled Our Town from Faction of Fools (review)

The endearingly minimalist Our Town by Thornton Wilder gets a Commedia dell’Arte treatment from Faction of Fools. Does a Commedia troupe have anything special to bring to the Pulitzer Prize winning play? Indeed they do.

Puppet Co’s charming version of Cinderella (review)

Having seen the movie, the Royal Ballet, and even the opera, it just makes sense to finish off my Cinderella fixation with the puppet version. In my case, no matter how many renditions I see, the story never feels old, especially in the hands of the creative team at The Puppet Co in Glen Echo […]

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