A wondrous Aladdin and his wonderful lamp at Puppet Co

The princess rides on her elephant to the Baths, with the help of her guide (Irene Valines.)

The Puppet Co. uses all kinds of wizardry, creative projection design, and of course, terrific puppetry to bring the ageless tale of Aladdin to life.  Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about the story, leave it to Christopher Piper and company to sneak nuggets of insight and awareness into the […]

A very scary Wiley and the Hairy Man at Imagination Stage


Imagination stage brings the sights, sounds, and images alive of the backwoods where a young boy must face his biggest fears of life.

August Wilson’s King Hedley II at Arena Stage

(l-r) KenYatta Rogers as Mister and Bowman Wright as King in King Hedley II at Arena Stage

Love, honor, revenge, blood sacrifice– these and other seminal elements flow through the inner workings of August Wilson’s King Hedley II. The script is masterful, the themes course through the characters’ lives and play out in full operatic-like orations. Entire passages can transport you to a sense of other- worldliness, sometimes ancient, other times intensely […]

Petite Rouge Cajun-style at Adventure Theatre MTC


Petite Rouge, a Cajun Red Riding Hood is so steeped in Louisiana back-water country you can almost smell the wafting aroma of gumbo and need cornbread to sop it up.

Bessie’s Blues, a triumph at MetroStage


Nothing can quite prepare you for the seismic impact of this innovative script in the hands of a stellar cast and designers with Bernardine Mitchell at the helm of Bessie’s Blues. Twenty years after its inaugural D.C. production, Bessie’s Blues still has the sass and flair that garnered all those Helen Hayes awards, electrified audiences, […]

A Very Pointless Holiday Spectacular


There’s something about raunchy elves and an over the top Mrs. Claus as a potty-mouthed, grind-worthy, well-endowed and knows how to flaunt it M.C. that tickles even if the actual jokes aren’t that funny. Mrs. Claus and her cheerful cadre of talented elves brighten the holidays working with what they’ve got, which from a very […]

All new Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol brightens the holiday


Just when you thought you’ve seen the absolute final rendition of a Christmas Carol that you can take, another version pops up that’s irresistible—Tiny Tim’s is one of those. A grown up and healed Tim tells what really happened behind the scenes that changed the curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge all those years ago on the back […]

Africa Umoja at The National for only 2 more performances


Thrusting hips and high stepping kicks are heating up the National Theater for just a few days with Umoja finally in town. Rescheduled due to visa difficulties, the company has resumed its long awaited world tour and is wowing the crowds with exuberant dancing, thrilling gymnastics, soul-stirring vocals and of course, infectious rhythms of the […]

Awake and Sing! at Olney Theatre Center


It’s amazing how topical something from the 1930’s feels and fits right here and now when it’s a classic, expertly cast and directed. Awake and Sing! depicts one family’s story, one of the first to chronicle Jewish family scenes without derision or ridicule. The show starts with everyone seated for a family meal, an automatic […]

Stuart Little at Adventure Theatre/MTC


The adorable mouse Stuart Little sails into fun and adventure at Adventure Theatre/MTC. Director Colin Hovde brings out the humor in the award-winning story by believing in the magic of everyday life. Imagination runs wild from the beginning with the actors engaging the audience as part of the story and enticing everyone to accept and […]

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