Underneath the Lintel at MetroStage

Paul Morella as The Librarian in Underneat the Lintel (Photo: Chris Banks)

Underneath the Lintel is a deceivingly simple story of a librarian tracking down the patron who borrowed and returned a long overdue book which transitions into an unanticipated life journey. Paul Morella, date stamp hanging around his neck like a trophy or cherished medal of honor, is an absolute marvel as the lowly clerk.  

Two Trains Running

Ricardo Frederick Evans as Sterling and KenYatta Rogers as Wolf (Photo: Danisha Crosby)

In true August Wilson form, each character in Two Trains Running has a distinct style, function and purpose.  Set in 1969, the characters frequent a run-down diner, that might actually offer half its menu on a good day.  The rest of the time, the characters gather to get news, coffee, socialize and peer out the […]

red, black, and GREEN: a blues (rbGb)

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Some artists you can trust to bring their artistry to new heights, and that no matter what they do, it will be an electrifying and exuberant experience.  Marc Bamuthi Joseph is one of those artists.  Featured as part The Kennedy Center’s Collaboration with the Hi-ARTS/Hip-Hop Theater Festival, Joseph’s red, black & GREEN: a blues  serves up […]

Hansel and Gretel


Christopher Piper’s rousing welcome to the Puppet Co’s production of Hansel and Gretel opens floodgates of responses from little ones trained to sit still and be quiet.  With permission to giggle and laugh out loud at the antics, everyone sits back to enjoy what awaits. 

Happily Ever After

Doug Krehbel and Karin Rosnizeck (Photo: courtesy of Ambassador Theater

Ambassador Theater’s latest production has just opened at Mead Theatre Lab. Happily Ever After’s three scenes explore the landscape of loneliness and aloneness experienced in various stages of “relationships.”  Whether it’s a misunderstanding that causes a couple to inadvertently stand each other up, a one-night stand with emotional possibilities, or the inner turmoil of a […]

The Wedding Dress


Only perfect-pitch direction and excellent casting could get this quirky expressionist work off the ground.  Luckily Spooky Theater has just what it takes to get juices flowing like you wouldn’t believe.

Sleeping Beauty


The story of Sleeping Beauty gets a whimsical fun-filled touch at Puppet Co.  With its trademark sometimes snarky banter filled with modern references and sensibility, the company tells the timeless, age-old tale highlighting the unfortunate effects of uncontrolled anger. 

Yellow Face

The cast of Yellow Face (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

Yellow Face by David Henry Hwang is a soul searching romp raising questions about racial identify, profiling, radical self-acceptance and more.  Hwang’s writing is direct and sincere as he unveils his reactions to events that unfolded in his life while exploring his own intentions and motives as a playwright, an Asian American, and dutiful son.

A Gin Game well played at Anacostia Playhouse

Dane Galloway and Adele Robey (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

The Gin Game is a tromp through the emotional landscape of two people in a nursing home playing harmless games of Gin Rummy to pass the time — harmless as a heart attack.

Cab Calloway’s Minnie the Moocher

The Pointless cast of Minnie the Moocher.

For a fast blast to the past of a speak-easy, a cool jazzy set is swinging at the Flashpoint Mead Theatre Lab.  With creative and stylistic verve, Pointless Theatre has organized the songs made famous by Cab Calloway in a back-story bringing the characters to life with cartoonish flair. The lyrics unfold to tell the […]

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