How producer Stacey Mindich and Arena audiences helped guide Dear Evan Hansen to Broadway

A caring, open-minded producer and perceptive, engaged audience members played crucial roles in the success story of the original new Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen’s journey from page to stage. That is what a group of theater critics learned recently during this year’s American Theatre Critics Association’s mini conference in New York City.

“Laugh so you don’t cry.” Nu Sass opens 43 1/2 to everyone for free this weekend

Why Nu Sass Productions is giving away their closing weekend tickets to 43 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Tragedies. “DC is an amazing city. It is full of some of the hardest working citizens in America. Public Servants keep our cities, states, and country running, and the people of DC serve those servants every day. […]

Nu Sass indulges in fantasy fights: you vs Shakespeare’s best

Nu Sass’s fall show, a remount of our audience-acclaimed 43 ½: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Tragedies opens next week at the Capital Fringe’s Logan Fringe Arts Space. To help properly convey the gravitas and solemnity of this celebration of one of the most esteemed poets and playwrights in the English language, in this the year of […]

Dana Tai Soon Burgess Company opens dance studio in Glen Echo Park

Past the pottery yurts, glass-blowing demonstrations, and children’s theatres, a troupe of dancers practiced enthusiastically in the Hall of Mirrors at the recent Glen Echo Park Open House. Jan Tievsky, manager of the new Dana Tai Soon Burgess studio at the Park, invited passersby to watch the company as they practiced for an upcoming performance […]

Washington Ballet looks to past to begin future with Julie Kent

When new leadership takes the reins of an arts institution, the focus tends to be on where the company is going in the future. For the new Artistic Director of The Washington Ballet, Julie Kent, however, her first season will open with a celebration of the company’s past.

Terra Firma Dance at Dance Place

Even if you think of yourself as being more cultured than the average American, it can be hard to work up the courage to attend ballet performances. What if it’s too long? What if it’s boring?

4615 Theatre Company says hello again with another summer rep

Since 2013, the 4615 Theatre has popped up in many different corners of DC, from basements and backyards  to Woolly Mammoth’s rehearsal hall. We mount innovative stagings of classical and contemporary works (last year we paired Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with John Ford’s ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore), pulling off massive spectacles on an intimate scale. This time, our home will be […]

banished? productions on saying goodbye with one last Fringe show

In , she took me back so tenderly, loss and regeneration shape-shift, dance, cling, fold, blink, burn and are filed away into multiple experiences that inform our present moment. If we have ever lost something – keys, cities, identities, loves – we have had to confront the same questions the show tries to trace: What […]

Elizabeth Bruce’s Theatrical Journey, arts in the community

A phone rings. The voice on the other end reports that there’s an emergency: a teddy bear has broken its leg and needs to see a doctor right away. Thankfully, the phone was answered by teaching artist Elizabeth Bruce and her young students are now on the case.

Aliens, Nazis, and Angels: A Capital Fringe Peek

–Solo performer Leah Harris responds to some questions from DC Theatre Scene– Tell us about the moment where you said to yourself: “I just have to do this!” I’ve been a poet and spoken word artist for many years, as well as a mental health advocate who always told my story behind the safety of […]

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