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Jeff Walker is a former hometown newspaper man who now lives his life as a high school theatre teacher, husband and father. His head is full of useless show biz trivia. When he is not teaching, writing, seeing or doing theatre, he would rather be cooking. Follow him on Twitter: @jeffwalker66

Mandarin Orange

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Writer and solo performer Kate Robards may have felt like a fish out of water during her stay in China, but she can boast two homes. One is the small town of Orange, Texas, where she was raised. The other is the stage. With fetching charm, abundant humor and a gift for self-reflection, Robards’ Mandarin […]

The Duchess of Malfi

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The beauty of the language and the brutality of this Duchess of Malfi lingered in my mind’s eye for days after the cast took their final bows. Rhymed couplets curled through the air as an assassin’s hand went to work throughout John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi. The DC-based classical theatre company We Happy Few […]

Size Doesn’t Matter – 7 Shorts by DC Playwrights

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Size Doesn’t Matter does what it sets out to do by providing a showcase for eager actors. Some of the parts outshine others, diminishing the work as a whole.

The Tournament

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For a guy who is not into mixed martial arts or kung-fu movies, I sure did love The Tournament. Bold and ballsy and featuring a kick-ass story and even kick-assier action, this show is great theatre.

Isis and Vesco Investigate the Curious Death of Dr. Freud


The mythology of ancient Egypt and a police procedural might make strange bedfellows but the fine folks at Guillotine Theatre make the combination work in a delightful way with Isis and Vesco Investigate the Curious Death of Dr. Freud. The mighty Isis herself joins forces with a convicted felon, now consulting for the NYPD, to […]


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Oh to be at Hogwarts now that summer is here! This is most definitely not Hogwarts. This is not even a side street off of Diagon Alley. This is the Lab II at the Atlas Performing Arts Center and they are trying to stir up some magic. But damned if the wands aren’t wobbly and […]

Self-Portrait of a Sinner

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In Self-Portrait of a Sinner, playwright/performer Veronique MacRae seeks to show how the sinner destroys other people as well as herself. Admirable in flashes, the solo piece is impaired by uneven writing.

Flying V Fights: Love is a Battlefield


Sexy, visceral, and physical, Flying V’s original ensemble piece Flying V Fights: Love is a Battlefield packs a wallop. From love taps to sucker punches and even gladiatorial contest, Flying V Fights explores romance and sex, dispensing with spoken dialogue. Here, the couples speak with their hands, fists, quarterstaffs, rapiers, and wrestling moves. The results […]

Memorable performances make for a chilling Judgment at Nuremberg

Bruce A. Rauscher as Colonel Lawson. Background: Kim Curtis as Emil Hahn, Tom Fuller as Frederick Hoffstetter.
(Photo: Johannes Markus)

The circumstances of World War II and Hitler’s legacy of conquest and persecution plunged many ordinary men and women into a crucible that tested and destroyed lives. Extraordinary events seen through the eyes of an ordinary man lies at the heart of Abby Mann’s Judgment at Nuremberg.

Another Day on Willow St


Frank Anthony Polito’s new play, being given its world premiere at Compass Rose Theater, owes a debt of gratitude to Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, both being quiet plays about ordinary days and the remarkable moments within them. Yet Another Day on Willow St is very much its own rumination on relationships, communication, aspirations and disappointments. […]

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