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About Jill Kyle-Keith

Jill Kyle-Keith, age unknown, is the longtime owner and Queen of Beale Street Puppets in Baltimore, Maryland. Bravely hanging on to the idea that vaudeville will someday return and this Internet thing is just a fad, she has foolishly made her living in live entertainment for over thirty years. The end result is that she has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of live shows over the years and now feels qualified to offer her unasked-for opinions to an unsuspecting public.
And oh yeah, she has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and the DC Fringe in years past, and was awarded a "Best of Fringe" by The Scotsman newspaper and a distressingly bad review by some loser online for the DC show, which was gleefully posted by her on the theater door and resulted in all remaining shows selling out. Moral is: sure, good reviews are nice, but bad reviews are catnip to the curious.

Oh, what a tyrant: Richard III at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (review)

The part of King Richard in Richard III is a plum for any actor lucky enough to be cast in the role. Part stand-up comic, part perennial outsider, and part moustache-twirling villain, Richard is equally delectable and murderous. Get a good Richard in any production, and you’re set: get someone who only sees the evil in […]

Show Boat at Toby’s Dinner Theatre (review)

The legendary team of Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern created some of the best music ever written for the American stage in Show Boat. And each song gets a stellar rendition by Toby’s cast. Reason enough to grab a ticket.

Magic abounds in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at Adventure Theatre MTC (review)

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe stars two excessively talented actors, a marvelous script, inventive technical design and a clever director, all waiting for you at Adventure Theatre MTC.

Chesapeake Shakespeare’s Christmas Carol set in Baltimore (review)

This year, if you see just one Dickens’ Yuletide story, let it be Chesapeake Shakespeare’s fine set-in-Baltimore A Christmas Carol. It has it all and then some: a nicely scary Jacob Marley’s Ghost (but not too scary for the little folk), lots of music, dancing, good acting, superior costumes, and a lightness and joy to the production.

The Second City’s Black Side of the Moon at Woolly Mammoth (review)

You know how sometimes you laugh til you hurt? Or when you’re hurt so much the only real response left is laughter? Those are the real underpinnings of good comedy: tell the truth, then find the underlying ridiculousness about it. That’s why so much breakthrough humor in the last century has come from populations on the […]

High flying Mary Poppins at Olney Theatre Center

Sometimes nostalgia can be disappointing, but even so, it’s awfully nice to go home again. So it is with Olney Theatre Center’s Mary Poppins. The movie you remember has been reshaped into a Broadway extravaganza, courtesy of Disney and assorted cohorts. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing, for if you’re expecting a literal blow-by-blow […]

Happenstance’s Gorey-ish Cabaret Macabre returns to Baltimore (review)

Still hanging on to those last few pieces of Halloween candy? Hesitant to fold your skeleton t-shirt into the Out Of Season box of clothes? Luckily for those who revel in the season of shivers, Happenstance Theater has brought its Edward Gorey inspired show to town. And not just any town: Baltimore, home of Edgar […]

An Unexpected Zombie Prom (review)

Zombie Prom, now playing at Unexpected Stage Company, has great provenance, with a book and lyrics by John Dempsey and music by Dana P. Rowe. Both went on to adapt The Fix and The Witches of Eastwick into musicals which were nominated for London’s prestigious Olivier Award.

Knuffle Bunny delights at Adventure Theatre MTC (review)

Everyone knows that an hour speeds by quickly when you’re having fun. In children’s theater, though, that isn’t always the case: what works for the teeny weenies often bores their parents to death. Yet this production of Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, is just delightful regardless of age: kids and parents alike will scarcely feel […]

Othello at Chesapeake Shakespeare (review)

Othello is one of the crown jewels of Shakespearean plays. The tragedy of Othello, a black general in the ranks of the Venetian army, is one of an eminent outsider who falls in love and marries a white noblewoman, Desdemona. His right hand man Iago dupes him into believing Desdemona has been faithless, and leads […]

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