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Tim Treanor is a senior writer for DC Theatre Scene. He is a 2011 Fellow of the National Critics Institute and has written over 500 reviews for DCTS. His novel, "Capital City," with Lee Hurwitz, is scheduled for publication by Astor + Blue in November of 2016. He lives in a log home in the woods of Southern Maryland with his dear bride, DCTS Editor Lorraine Treanor. For more Tim Treanor, go to timtreanorauthor.com.

Will Eno’s Middletown at NextStop Theatre (review)

Will Eno’s Middletown, now at Herndon’s NextStop Theatre, is what Our Town would have been if Thornton Wilder had made his characters hopeless, heartbreakingly lonely and a little psycho.

The Critic and The Real Inspector Hound from Shakespeare Theatre (review)

The critic Sneer (Robert Dorfman) is an argumentative, dyspeptic man with a heart of rubble, who is never more happy than when he is in distress and telling you about it. His colleague Dangle (John Ahlin) is — well, let’s just say it: a pompous horse’s behind, who is bored witless by newspaper stories about […]

Shows from 2015 I’d pay top dollar to see again

I’m retired now as a critic and when I see a play it is generally as a civilian. In days of old, I might see upwards of a hundred fifty plays a year, and the experience was as commonplace for me as swatting mosquitoes or filing lawsuits. It became like going to an art gallery; […]

Salome – guilty or innocent? Tribunes ruling at Shakespeare Theatre

When Salomé, having won her era’s version of Dancing with the Stars, selected as her prize an all-expenses trip to the afterlife for poor John the Baptist, was she engaged in a criminal conspiracy with her mother and stepfather? Or was she exercising her right to petition the King — who happened to be her […]

The Klunch opens with George Is Dead (review)

George is dead, the victim of an exceptionally bad day on the intermediate slope at Vail, so his widow Doreen (Kerri Rambow), a wonderfully self-absorbed rich person, needs to make this somebody else’s problem. But who?

Holiday Memories from WSC Avant Bard (review)

We think of ourselves as a forward-looking people, but our holidays are all firmly rooted in the past — specifically, in the sepia-tinted days of our early youth, when the air was cold and suffused with pine, clove, and the smell of baking cookies.

Harvey at 1st Stage

Harvey, a great classic of the American theater (it won the Pulitzer in 1944, beating out The Glass Menagerie) now at 1st Stage in McLean, is a story in which the hero, Elwood P. Dowd (Jonathan Lee Taylor), is a dipsomaniac who has as a best friend a pooka — that is to say, a […]

Anu Yadav returns to Forum with ‘Capers (review)

In 2001, using a massive federal grant, the City of Washington decided to turn the Arthur Capper/ Carrollsburg Housing Project into a mixed-income community, displacing the 707 families within it. You know how the road to Hell is paved, right?

Cherokee Rose and Alice Darling on Naked Girls Reading

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asks as she contemplates life with a Montague. But if the name is “Naked Girls Reading,” which is five women who are exactly that, alarms go off, for three reasons.

Tracy Letts’ Bug creeps out Anacostia Arts Center (review)

Brothers and sisters, if you are a fan of the Good Old Ultra Violence — and I know not everyone is — Bug is the place you should be. SeeNoSun Onstage gives this delightfully demented early Tracy Letts play a bravura performance, so that for the next few days you will be unable to scratch […]

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