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Tim Treanor Senior Writer, member, DCTS Board of Directors. Since 2005, Tim has written over 500 reviews and numerous news articles, features and interviews for DCTS. He is a member of the American Theater Critics Association and sits on its New Plays committees. He is also a fellow of the National Critics Institute, run by the O’Neill Theater Center. His interactive murder mystery, Murder in Elsinore, enjoyed a brief run in 2003; another play, Dracula. A Love Story. ran in the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival. His novel, The Seduction of Braulio Jules, is available on Amazon. By day he is a trial lawyer for the Federal government. He lives with his dear bride, Lorraine, in a log house in the woods of Southern Maryland. For more Tim Treanor, go to www.timtreanorauthor.com.

Shakespeare-appointed Supreme Court rules on the insanity of impossible dreams


So you run your lance full-bore at windmills, recruit a barber in your fight against the muleteers, believe a local prostitute to be your damsel of grace, and then fall into a coma. Should someone be appointed to take care of you? What will the Supreme Mock Court – the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s traditional gathering […]

One less critic: How Hedy Weiss and New Orleans changed my life.

Tim Treanor on the Louisiana bayou

When I was in law school I did some acting. I wasn’t very good but I was a big guy with a big voice and there’s always room for that in theater. Sometimes I got paid and sometimes I didn’t, but between what I did get paid and student loans and my parents’ generosity I […]

Rebecca Gilman wins Steinberg; Source Festival play is runner-up

Rebecca Gilman, author of Luna Gale

Luna Gale, Rebecca Gilman’s tale about a social worker struggling to place a newborn who has methamphetamine-addicted parents and a grandmother who belongs to an apocalyptic cult, last night won the $25,000 Harold and Mimi Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award at the Humana New Play Festival in Louisville, ATCA Board Chair Bill Hirschman […]

Lights Rise on Grace at Woolly Mammoth Theatre

DeLance Minefee, Jeena Yi in Lights Rise on Grace (Photo: Stan Barouh)

There is not much of a story to Lights Rise on Grace, but what there is is told beautifully, and with – it must be said – grace. It begins like Romeo and Juliet, (an observation a character also makes): Large (DeLance Minefee), an African-American teenager, and Grace (Jeena Yi), a young woman of Chinese […]

In the battle over the Constitution, The Originalist emerges the winner

Kerry Warren as Cat and Edward Gero as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

The business of judges is to understand and interpret statutes, and in order to do that they commonly try to uncover the intention of the legislature which passed that law. When your job, like Antonin Scalia’s, is to interpret the Constitution, you are divining the intentions of men (and they were all men) who wore […]

Source Festival play among six Steinberg Award finalists


For the second year in a row, a play which debuted at DC’s Source Festival is in line for a playwriting award. Last year, Topher Payne’s Perfect Arrangement received the American Theatre Critics Association’s $1,000 M. Elizabeth Osborne Award for top play by an emerging writer.

Puppet gets major role in classic horror Doctor Caligari


What keeps you up at night, little brother? Is it that seemingly random tax audit notice you received in the mail yesterday? Perhaps your spouse has become distant, or else developed a disconcerting interest in someone who is not you. Did your boss forget your name at work yesterday? Or is it that odd-looking fellow […]

A near victory for Kander and Pierce’s Kid Victory

Jeffry Denman as Michael, Bobby Smith, Ensemble, Jake Winn as Luke, Parker Drown and Laura Darrell, Ensemble in Kid Victory (Photo: Margot Schulman)

At its best, Kid Victory is a secular high mass, both sacred and profane, with insight as sweet as its music, and music as sweet as honey from the Garden of Eden. And then, there are other times.

Uncle Vanya at Chesapeake Shakespeare Theatre

Kevin J. Costa and Lizzi Albert as Vanya and Sophia (Photo: Teresa Castracane)

I know what you’re thinking: is Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya just like Life Sucks, except with a bunch of Russian guys? Let me turn the question around for you: do you think that Uncle Vanya could be set in Argentina, or in medieval Turkey, or in the Wild West, with a few adjustments? I do, […]

The Pirate Laureate and the King of the Sea


That the pen is mightier than the sword is the dream of every English major, and also the theme of the Zachary Fernebok’s “Pirate Laureate” series, of which this is the second exemplar. It is also the dream of diplomats and lovers of peace everywhere, although its truth remains undetermined.

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