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Tim Treanor Senior Writer, member, DCTS Board of Directors. Since 2005, Tim has written over 400 reviews and numerous news articles, features and interviews for DCTS. He has been a member of the American Theater Critics Association since 2009 and sits on its Executive and New Plays committees. He is also a fellow of the National Critics Institute, run by the O’Neill Theater Center. His interactive murder mystery,Murder in Elsinore, enjoyed a brief run in 2003. By day he is a trial lawyer for the Federal government. He lives with his dear bride, Lorraine, in a log house in the woods of Southern Maryland.

One Man, Two Guvnors. 1st Stage brings London and Broadway hit to Tysons


Has this ever happened to you? It is 1963. You’re Charlie “the Duck” Clench, career criminal, and you’re played by Steve Beall. You’ve pledged the hand of your daughter, Pauline (Megan Graves) – who has the IQ of a toaster – in a marriage of convenience to the gay gangster Roscoe Crabbe, in order to […]

Tiny Compass Rose does big time Cats


If you would know a cat, you must first watch him dance, and then hear him sing, and after that you will understand his story. So it is with the cats in Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s adaptation of T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Though Elliot’s poetry – which was written for his […]

Shatter from Urban Stages, NYC


On December 6, 1917 an explosion tore through Halifax, Nova Scotia, obliterating the Richmond District and shattering virtually every window in the City. The ensuing tsunami wiped out the Mi’kmaq First Nations community. Temperature at the core reached nine thousand degrees Fahrenheit. (The surface of the sun is eleven thousand degrees.) The explosive force equaled […]

The Brightness of Heaven at Cherry Lane Theatre

The cast of The Brightness of Heaven (Photo: John Quilty)

You know this place, although you may have never been here. There is a picture of Jack Kennedy, looking a little mischievous, on one wall. On another, the benevolent smile of His Holiness the Pope – Paul VI. On a recliner, Ed Kilgannon (Peter Cormican) slumbers, a copy of the Buffalo Courier-Express – a newspaper […]

Pen from Washington Stage Guild


Helen Bayer (Emily Townley) has multiple sclerosis. And ten minutes into this odd, funny, sad play – God forgive me – I was ready to throw her and her wheelchair down a flight of stairs.

Elmer Gantry at Signature Theatre


“There’s nothing wrong,” Elmer Gantry (Charlie Pollock) tells a musician (Nick Lehan) in the latest version of this oft-sung tale, “with a few hot licks on behalf of Jesus Christ.”

Fetch Clay, Make Man at Round House Theatre

Eddie Ray Jackson (Photo: Kevin Berne)

“When you wear the mask for so long,” Lincoln Perry, a/k/a Stepin Fetchit (Roscoe Orman) warns Sonji Clay (Katherine Renee Turner), the wife of world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, f/k/a Cassius Clay (Eddie Ray Jackson) in this astonishing play, “you can’t take it off.”

Pallas takes on The Taming of the Shrew

(l-r) Sara Bickler, Shannon Listol Wilson, Gerrad Alex Taylor and Andrew Keller (Photo: Teresa Castracane Photography)

To understand The Taming of the Shrew as Shakespeare intended, you must imagine it to be in a land – such as Shakespeare’s England – where the observance of gender roles was a matter of life and death. It did not flow from a belief that women could not rule (after all, who ruled England?) […]

Peter’s Alley performs Rabbit Hole

Brendan Murphy and Rebecca Ellis (Photo: Nubbs Photography)

In the William Kennedy novel Ironweed, Francis Phelen drops his infant son while changing his diaper. The boy’s neck snaps and he dies. Toward the conclusion of the first chapter, this passage appears: “Francis found the grave without a search. He stood over it and reconstructed the moment when the child was slipping through his […]

2014 Gary Maker Audience Award presented to Barbara Bear


Barbara Bear, who regularly attends more than one hundred theatrical productions a year in the DC Area, has won the 2014 Gary Lee Maker Audience Award.

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