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Tim Treanor Senior Writer, member, DCTS Board of Directors. Since 2005, Tim has written over 400 reviews and numerous news articles, features and interviews for DCTS. He has been a member of the American Theater Critics Association since 2009 and sits on its Executive and New Plays committees. He is also a fellow of the National Critics Institute, run by the O’Neill Theater Center. His interactive murder mystery,Murder in Elsinore, enjoyed a brief run in 2003. By day he is a trial lawyer for the Federal government. He lives with his dear bride, Lorraine, in a log house in the woods of Southern Maryland.

Elmer Gantry at Signature Theatre


“There’s nothing wrong,” Elmer Gantry (Charlie Pollock) tells a musician (Nick Lehan) in the latest version of this oft-sung tale, “with a few hot licks on behalf of Jesus Christ.”

Fetch Clay, Make Man at Round House Theatre

Eddie Ray Jackson (Photo: Kevin Berne)

“When you wear the mask for so long,” Lincoln Perry, a/k/a Stepin Fetchit (Roscoe Orman) warns Sonji Clay (Katherine Renee Turner), the wife of world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, f/k/a Cassius Clay (Eddie Ray Jackson) in this astonishing play, “you can’t take it off.”

Pallas takes on The Taming of the Shrew

(l-r) Sara Bickler, Shannon Listol Wilson, Gerrad Alex Taylor and Andrew Keller (Photo: Teresa Castracane Photography)

To understand The Taming of the Shrew as Shakespeare intended, you must imagine it to be in a land – such as Shakespeare’s England – where the observance of gender roles was a matter of life and death. It did not flow from a belief that women could not rule (after all, who ruled England?) […]

Peter’s Alley performs Rabbit Hole

Brendan Murphy and Rebecca Ellis (Photo: Nubbs Photography)

In the William Kennedy novel Ironweed, Francis Phelen drops his infant son while changing his diaper. The boy’s neck snaps and he dies. Toward the conclusion of the first chapter, this passage appears: “Francis found the grave without a search. He stood over it and reconstructed the moment when the child was slipping through his […]

2014 Gary Maker Audience Award presented to Barbara Bear


Barbara Bear, who regularly attends more than one hundred theatrical productions a year in the DC Area, has won the 2014 Gary Lee Maker Audience Award.

The return of R+J: Star-Cross’d Death Match

Romeo (Josh Adams) first sees Juliet (Photo courtesy of LiveArtDC)

You are a Capulet or you are a Montague, and so when you enter the DC Reynolds Bar you get a red cup or a blue cup. Thereafter, in a prelude to the saddest romantic tragedy in all of English literature, you have a drinking game. First you raise your cup, then you chug the […]

The Devil in His Own Words


We love to see the Devil on stage because – let’s be honest – he’s the character who is most like us. When he shows up in our stories, it is always with a wounded sense of entitlement. He has a contract, signed – in blood – by some hapless sap with poor impulse control. […]

Forum Theatre Wins $12K Grant from American Theatre Wing

Forum Theatre, the Silver Spring-based company which brought such plays as The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Angels in America and Gidion’s Knot, among others, to DC over the last five years, has won a $12,000 National Theatre Company grant from the American Theatre Wing, ATW announced yesterday.

The Globe’s Twelfth Night comes to Angelika Pop-Up

Paul Chahidi as Maria and Colin Hurley as Sir Toby Belch

On Thursday, September 18, at 7 PM, and Wednesday, September 24 at 2PM, Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market, 550 Penn Street NE, will present the filmed version of the Globe Theatre’s acclaimed 2012 production of Twelfth Night, which had an extended run on Broadway last year. I took a look at the film – and […]

King Lear, the Globe at Folger Theatre


The Globe Theatre, launching its tour of America with a stint at the Folger, has created a King Lear for our times. I have seen noble Lears, pathological Lears, fragile Lears, arrogant Lears, and Lears who have combined all of these characteristics in one. But the Lear which Joseph Marcell and director Bill Buckhurst give […]

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