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Tim Treanor is a senior writer for DC Theatre Scene. He is a 2011 Fellow of the National Critics Institute and has written over 500 reviews for DCTS. His novel, "Capital City," with Lee Hurwitz, is scheduled for publication by Astor + Blue in November of 2016. He lives in a log home in the woods of Southern Maryland with his dear bride, DCTS Editor Lorraine Treanor. For more Tim Treanor, go to timtreanorauthor.com.

Harvey at 1st Stage

Harvey, a great classic of the American theater (it won the Pulitzer in 1944, beating out The Glass Menagerie) now at 1st Stage in McLean, is a story in which the hero, Elwood P. Dowd (Jonathan Lee Taylor), is a dipsomaniac who has as a best friend a pooka — that is to say, a […]

Anu Yadav returns to Forum with ‘Capers (review)

In 2001, using a massive federal grant, the City of Washington decided to turn the Arthur Capper/ Carrollsburg Housing Project into a mixed-income community, displacing the 707 families within it. You know how the road to Hell is paved, right?

Cherokee Rose and Alice Darling on Naked Girls Reading

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asks as she contemplates life with a Montague. But if the name is “Naked Girls Reading,” which is five women who are exactly that, alarms go off, for three reasons.

Tracy Letts’ Bug creeps out Anacostia Arts Center (review)

Brothers and sisters, if you are a fan of the Good Old Ultra Violence — and I know not everyone is — Bug is the place you should be. SeeNoSun Onstage gives this delightfully demented early Tracy Letts play a bravura performance, so that for the next few days you will be unable to scratch […]

Trish Tinkler Gets Saved at Unexpected Stage

The measure of a mature culture is not that it celebrates success, but that it accepts failure and moves on. Thus the great thing about the Women’s Voices Theater Festival is not that Sheila Callaghan has written another great play — she has been writing great plays for years — but that a writer can […]

David S. Kessler Wins 5th Annual Gary Maker Audience Award

David S. Kessler, an avid, area-wide theatergoer who this year broke through the other side of the stage by writing, producing and performing Wombat Drool at Capital Fringe, is the recipient of the 2015 Gary Lee Maker Award for outstanding audience member, DC Theatre Scene editor Lorraine Treanor announced today.

My don’t-miss shows: experimental, opera and theatre for young audiences

The Smithsonian invited DC Theatre Scene to present the next season to their audience, and as part of that presentation, DCTS Senior Writer Tim Treanor talked about shows he particularly anticipated. Today, we reproduce (more or less) what Tim had to say about experimental plays, operas, and theatre for young audiences.

My don’t-miss dramas this season

On August 20th, DC Theatre Scene spoke at the Smithsonian Museum’s Ripley Center. Senior writer Tim Treanor talked about some of the shows he was looking forward to next season. Below is what he said (more or less) about dramas.

My don’t-miss shows this season: musicals and comedies. And yours?

This is part 3 of our See More and Save series taken from material presented August 20th at the Smithsonian Museum’s S. Dillon Ripley Center. What? You’re back? So nice of you! You could easily have slipped out during the intermission between the portion of my Smithsonian oration posted yesterday and the one posted today. […]

Washington’s theatre district – have you found it yet?

On August 20th, a panel of DC Theatre Scene writers presented a preview of the 2015-2016 theatre season at the Smithonian Museum’s S. Dillon Ripley Center. Tim Treanor was one of the panelists.

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