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Trey Graham has covered the arts and pop culture
for NPR, the Washington City Paper, and other outlets.
He’s a winner of the George Jean Nathan Award for
distinguished drama criticism.
Reach him @treygraham.

Patina Miller at Strathmore gala (review) proves she’s ready for her next Broadway show

If that long-promised revival of Smokey Joe’s Cafe does come to Broadway this year, the producers could do worse than to put Patina Miller front and center — assuming they can afford her now that she’s got a Tony Award, a TV series and a couple of Hunger Games blockbuster credits under her belt.

The Pillowman at Forum Theatre (review)

Two detainees, two cops, two (or is it three?) gruesome child-murders — that’s the triad of pitch-dark dualities that underpin The Pillowman, a Grimm-ly funny brothers-in-extremis fable that earned a best-play Tony nomination a decade or so ago for black-hearted Irish dramatist Martin McDonagh.

Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs (review)

The real fun of a cabaret is in the surprises. Not the necessary moments, as when a Karen Akers rolls out “Marieke” or a Patti LuPone throws an Argentine bone to the fans worshipping at her balcony, but the inspired and unexpected ones — think of Elaine Stritch, heaven rest her, ruefully admitting “The Party’s […]

‘Because’ – Tracy Lynn Olivera’s CD – reviewed

There’s leaning on the innuendo in a largely innocent song, and then there’s what Tracy Lynn Olivera has done with “Brand New Key” — and what Tracy Lynn Olivera has done with “Brand New Key” is take a bouncy ‘70s novelty hit and paste a bodacious ‘70s pornstache on it. I’d have rolled my eyes […]

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