Rorschach’s ‘very still & hard to see': a horror fan’s dream. (review)

The cast of very still & hard to see (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

In the jarring very still & hard to see, playwright Steve Yockey injects dark Japanese folklore into Stephen King’s mold of creeping horror, set far too close to home. Rorschach Theatre’s production leads the audience through a maze of darkly funny and just plain dark tales of ordinary people whose secrets take on terrifying lives […]

Review: MET’s insightful Elephant Man


“Sometimes I think my head is so big because it is so full of dreams,” John Merrick offers to an attractive visitor, one of the first women he ever encountered who did not recoil in horror at the sight of him. The soul-bearing insights of a poetic spirit are revealed throughout Bernard Pomerance’s touching play […]

Finding Neverland Broadway review: Peter Pan. Again.


Is it pointless to pan Peter? Are we helpless in the face of the massive Peter Pander/Pandemic/Pandemonium (pick your Peter Pan pun.) Shortly after Peter and the Starcatcher and Peter Pan Live on NBC, we now get Finding Neverland, a musical adaptation of the 2004 film about how playwright J.M. Barrie came to create Peter […]

Sinbad: the Untold Tale at Imagination Stage (review)


Sinbad: the Untold Tale is based on the errant adventures of a mild mannered, even trepidatious porter, who just happens to have the same name as the famous sailor. The two Sinbads cross paths when the Porter is selected to deliver a cherished box to the Sailor, guarding it with his life, since death will […]

Review: Greater Tuna, hold the surprise


Greater Tuna, one of the trio of comedies by Ed Howard, Jaston Williams, and Joe Sears, may as well be a national treasure. Premiering in 1981, it’s a beloved show well regarded enough to have merited three sequels, a Tony nomination, an HBO special, and a command performance for a sitting President (Bush the elder […]

Herzog’s 4000 Miles at Center Stage, a ripe, rollicking comedy (review)

Josh Tobin and Lois Markle (Photo: Richard Anderson)

To grandmother’s house we go in the subtly affecting 4000 Miles, the second half of Center Stage’s Amy Herzog Festival. The first play, After the Revolution, set in 1999, delves into a proudly leftist clan’s politics, personal communication style and the family myths and stories they have invested their hearts and integrity in. 4000 Miles […]

Pinch basement Drunkle Vanya makes for charming Chekhov (review)


Whenever I’m developing a new play and the playwright (or director or cast) gets stuck on figuring out a particular moment, I tell them this: a play is called a play for a reason. You’re supposed to have fun with it, fool around, try new things, and basically act like a child at recess for […]

Review: Arena Stages’ Vanya: much frisk but no risk


Last fall, when American Theatre Magazine published their annual list of “American Theatre’s Top 10 Most-Produced Plays Of 2014-15,” one play ruled them all: Christopher Durang’s Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. While the magazine’s numbers are problematic,* Durang’s Vanya has hard-to-deny accolades, like a 2013 Best Play Tony, a mythical recouping of expenses […]

Typographer’s Dream review: outstanding comic actors pull off Adam Bock’s comedy


Let me sum this up for you right away: if you love a good laugh, go see The Typographer’s Dream. Now, onto the more serious business of detailing why—witful, wisdom soaked, full of storytelling infused with snappy dialogue and emotional weight. The Typographer’s Dream explores the notion of identity tied to work and how our […]

Old Wicked Songs review: intimate and moving

Philip Hosford as Professor Mashkan in Old Wicked Songs at 1st Stage (Photo: Teresa Castracane)

Has it really been over 17 years since the regional premiere of Old Wicked Songs by Jon Marans at Studio Theatre? The 1996 Pulitzer Prize nominee for Best Drama (which lost to Rent) is given a welcome and first-rate return to the area by 1st Stage.

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