Paul Taylor Company (review), elegant, genteel, pretty and fun to watch

When Jerry Garcia died I remember thinking, “I wish I’d seen the Grateful Dead live.” Everyone talks about how amazing they were in concert and even though I was never a Dead Head I wish I had experienced it firsthand.

riverrun, Finnegan’s Wake interpreted, part of Ireland 100

Olwen Fouéré stands quietly in the front left corner of the stage. Without saying a word, she exudes a sense of peace, patience, mindfulness and awareness as she watches the audience enter. When the lights go down, she slowly and deliberately begins to move, takes off her shoes and settles to the front of the […]

The Merry Death of Robin Hood (review) played at DC Reynolds bar

Some of the oldest stories still extant of the adventures of legendary outlaw Robin Hood are songs about his untimely demise, a metaphor-rich ballad about honor and being laid back in English soil. The newest yarn about old Robin is about his death as well, though LiveArtDC’s production The Merry Death of Robin Hood eschews […]

HBO’s All the Way starring Bryan Cranston (review)

So — all right, you missed All the Way at Arena Stage and you are forced to your TV as a consolation prize. I’m here to tell you that as consolation prizes go, this is a pretty good one. In the HBO version of the play, to which they are giving non-subscribers free access for a […]

Garbage Kids (review) at Venus Theatre, too perfect for words

Venus Theatre has a knack for finding new scripts that make you ache and ruminate all at once—appealing at once to emotion and intellect, deeply, endlessly. Garbage Kids, a tale of homelessness and survival, follows suit.

Mosaic Theater’s When January Feels Like Summer (review)

The welcome arrival of the Mosaic Theater Company of DC on the local theatre scene is punctuated by When January Feels Like Summer.  The heartwarming and frequently funny Cori Thomas play about the interlocking relationships of five commonplace Harlem residents provides a winning exclamation point to Mosaic’s memorable first season.

Blackberry Winter (review) at Forum Theatre

Actor Holly Twyford is a tour de force as Vivienne, a force of nature with a soft Southern accent, mad baking skills, impeccable manners and oh yes, a mother with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Oleanna (review) Mamet’s drama marks auspicious start for Perisphere

John, a professor and author, is about to receive tenure, and buoyed by the security that tenure brings, about to buy a lovely new house for his family as well.  That will change. Significantly.

The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly (review) new magic from the Emerald Isle

Louis Lovett is a weaver of stories. From Ireland he is and he is simply grand. I have it on good authority from two smallish people and one not so smallish I met at the Kennedy Center last Friday evening for this young people’s performance. After squinting and thinking quite critically for a moment, Karolin thought the […]

Happy Hour at Spooky Action (review) Brilliant live action gaming

As gaming and virtual reality become ever more ingrained into popular culture, it’s about time that some creative minds brought it into the world of theater. In the interactive escape drama Happy Hour, Spooky Action Theater and Goethe-Institut bring immersive, gamified action to Washington and ask audiences “What would happen if the game characters were […]

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