Act Like a GRRRL, Capital Fringe (review)

Act Like a GRRRL isn’t quite like anything else you’ll see at the Capital Fringe festival. Its creators and performers are four girls between the ages of 12 and 16, who had two weeks to write about their lives and put together a show featuring autobiographical stories, dances, and songs.

Connectivity/Complexity, Capital Fringe (review)

I am not a dancer, really. Despite taking two years of dance in high school and scoring my own solo in 2014’s Fringe smash hit The Tournament, I would not consider myself an expert on the subject. Theatre I know well, but dance is a foreign language. It’s beautiful, I enjoy it, but I don’t […]

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Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosity from Cirque du Soleil (review)

Under the magic of its yellow-and-blue striped tent, Cirque du Soleil has brought what may be its most rare and delightful show to date.  Kurios reminds us that little and “oldie” can be exquisite, and it’s all delivered in the capital of bling, Tysons Corner, now billed as “America’s next great city.”  (Not.)

, she took me back so tenderly, Capital Fringe (review)

In , she took me back so tenderly, banished? productions has created a 360 degree feast for the senses exploring loss, grief, and the fleeting nature of shared experience.

Underneath the Lintel, Capital Fringe (review)

Part Monty Python, part Da Vinci Code, part Fiddler on the Roof, and part Albert Camus having an existential crisis, Glen Berger’s Underneath the Lintel is an engrossing one-man detective story, told here at Capital Fringe by a master actor giving a tour de force performance. If you have room in your closing weekend schedule, […]

Riches at Anacostia Playhouse (review)

Meet the Riches. But don’t forget your body armor. An upper class couple living the late 1980s yuppie dream in suburban Minnesota, David (Dana Scott Galloway) and Carolyn (Adele Robey) Rich commemorate their 31st anniversary at the hotel in Red Wing where they honeymooned.

Whisper Into My Good Ear, Capital Fringe (review)

Whisper Into My Good Ear features two old men sitting on a bench talking for about an hour.  They talk about mortality. They talk about the indignities of aging bodies, loss of eyesight, declining hearing. They talk about the creeping onset of dementia. They talk, and they argue, and they jibe, and they joke, and they […]

Deb Margolin’s 8 Stops at Unexpected Stage (review)

Deb Margolin approaches the stage with deliberate movements and looks into the eyes of the audience with the ease of someone comfortable with their own story and on a mission to share. A series of monologues, the opening pieces relay the two basic elements that form the crux of her story-line: a maternal sense of caring, […]

Confederates, Capital Fringe (review)

There’s something exciting about seeing history through the eyes of the losers and villains, it’s something about the dramatic tension between history being written by the victors and idea that eventually truth will out. Confederates, a new play by James F. Bruns making its debut at this year’s Fringe, attempts to recontextualize Civil War history […]

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