Flowers Stink (review)

There’s so much great free art in this town. Smithsonian’s out the wazoo. Free performing arts are a little tougher to find, with one of the major providers being the good people of The Kennedy Center. This fall,  The Kennedy Center and the U.S. Botanic Garden have crossed creative streams, producing two new flora-themed plays for […]

The Velveteen Rabbit, a lasting tribute to puppeteer Terry Snyder

Before we begin, a question for the grownups: How many of you still have a treasured stuffed animal from our childhoods, still hidden away in a plastic bin in the closet or in a cardboard box under the bed?

When She Had Wings (review). Yours are waiting at Imagination Stage

There’s a not-so-secret code in Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) productions. Whether you’re a parent/guardian or just someone interested in theater, you might read the synopsis of a TYA production on a snazzy postcard or a painstakingly-crafted advertisement with the intention of maybe checking out the show, but you probably won’t decide to go until […]

Playwright takes the spotlight in No Spring Chicken at NextStop (review)

“Forty is old to have a baby.” Those words rang in the ears and down to the depths of Ginna Hoben’s soul as a skinny, way too young nurse pronounced her sentence over the actress desperately trying to conceive a child.

Destiny of Desire by Karen Zacarias at Arena Stage (review)

We are in full swing of the Women’s Voices in Theatre Festival with some mighty impressive entries having led out of the gate. We have Artistic Director Molly Smith in great part to thank for initiating this gathering of talent.

Daddy Long Legs review at the Davenport Theatre

In a program note for Daddy Long Legs, director John Caird wonders why the 1912 novel on which the musical is based isn’t considered a great American classic. I wonder the opposite – why its problematic premise has inspired a 16-character Broadway play, at least seven movies and now a two-character Off-Broadway musical, which has […]

At Folger, texts&beheadings/ElizabethR (review)

texts&beheadings/ElizabethR, created and directed by Karin Coonrod, draws on the letters, prayers, and speeches of the queen who reigned in Shakespeare’s time. A fitting choice for the Folger Theatre, whose library of resources provided much of the source material for the play. The production was developed with Compagnia de’ Colombari, an international collective dedicated to […]

Pride and Prejudice at Center Stage (review)

With a silken flow and a keen eye for the realities of 18th century women, Center Stage’s production of Pride and Prejudice is froth with substance.

Phoebe in Winter at Single Carrot (review)

Power. Chaos. Family Loss. Race. War. Colonialism. Gender. These are themes playwright Jen Silverman has packed into her dense and powerful work, Phoebe in Winter. There is something both muscular and very poetic about the terse language and situations that constantly shift the “truth.” You have to be willing to wade in deeply with her […]

The Point at Arcturus Theater Company (review)

Nancy Reagan famously referred to her husband’s lengthy bout with Alzheimer’s disease at “the long goodbye” – a prolonged and painful process of shedding the various levels of one’s memories, one’s very identity as a person.

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