The Tiny House Plays from Pinky Swear


On a triangular tract of land snug behind a line of row-houses, Northeast DC harbors a secret Garden of Eden—a landscape flush with the fruits of the earth. Roma tomatoes. Lavender. Chard. Thyme. And time is a funny thing.  “There’s never enough of it or there is too much,” says Dexter Hamlett as a broken […]

Three Decembers from UrbanArias

Emily Pulley and Michael Mayes (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

What do you imagine when you think of “going to the Opera?” Vast theaters, draped entirely in tacky red velvet? Huge casts with elaborate sets in sprawling shows that go on for hours in a language you studied half-heartedly in high school? Those are typical answers, but UrbanArias, a local opera company devoted to producing […]

Awake and Sing! at Olney Theatre Center


It’s amazing how topical something from the 1930’s feels and fits right here and now when it’s a classic, expertly cast and directed. Awake and Sing! depicts one family’s story, one of the first to chronicle Jewish family scenes without derision or ridicule. The show starts with everyone seated for a family meal, an automatic […]

The Night Fairy at Imagination Stage


Ditch the Disney princesses and all that pink. Fairies, especially night fairies with their dark eyes and shimmering garb of midnight blue, are feistier and more fun. Flory (Tia Shearer, wounded yet strong as the fallen fairy), the heroine of Imagination Stage’s spellbinding The Night Fairy, combines wildness and delicacy in one small, but fierce […]

Lobster Alice from Flying V

Jenny Donovan as Alice and Zachary Fernebok as Dali (Photo: Ryan Maxwell)

“I see the head of Voltaire” Alice says in Kira Obolensky’s Lobster Alice, looking at a painting by Salvador Dalí in a certain way. Things are seldom what they seem in the famous surrealist’s work. The same can be said of Flying V’s awesome production set in a Walt Disney animator’s office.

Uncle Vanya at The Pearl in New York

Uncle Vanya, now at The Pearl Theater

Chekhov’s play, now at The Pearl Theater for a few more weeks, offers so many unhappy characters, all rusticating in the country (rural Russia, circa 1890) it’s difficult to follow all their through lines as they interact with each other. The estate on which they are presently living is managed by Ivan Petrovich, (Uncle Vanya). […]

Peter’s Alley performs Rabbit Hole

Brendan Murphy and Rebecca Ellis (Photo: Nubbs Photography)

In the William Kennedy novel Ironweed, Francis Phelen drops his infant son while changing his diaper. The boy’s neck snaps and he dies. Toward the conclusion of the first chapter, this passage appears: “Francis found the grave without a search. He stood over it and reconstructed the moment when the child was slipping through his […]

Stuart Little at Adventure Theatre/MTC


The adorable mouse Stuart Little sails into fun and adventure at Adventure Theatre/MTC. Director Colin Hovde brings out the humor in the award-winning story by believing in the magic of everyday life. Imagination runs wild from the beginning with the actors engaging the audience as part of the story and enticing everyone to accept and […]

The Seven Year Itch at American Century Theater

Bruce Alan Rauscher as Richard Sherman; Carolyn Kashner as The Girl
(Photo: Johannes Markus)

The Seven Year Itch— that moment when you get bored with your spouse and cheat—is best known as the film that nearly shows Marilyn Monroe’s underpants beneath a billowing white halter dress. But, no such scene exists in the play. And, yes, George Axelrod’s Itch originated on Broadway as a three act comedy in 1952 […]

Rapunzel at The Puppet Co


The Puppet Co’s rendition of Rapunzel snaps with the vigor of fresh vegetables, which is what rapunzel actually is, a vine in the radish family. Master Puppeteer Christopher Piper passes along such delish nuggets in telling the familiar story with an innocent charm. He portrays all of the characters, sophisticated rod puppets with such distinct […]

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