force/collision’s staged tribute to gay filmmaker Derek Jarman closes this weekend


“A handshake in a corridor,” is the phrase John Moletress used to describe the genesis of Jarman (all this maddening beauty). Described as “a premiere work-in-progress performance,” the piece can be seen at Atlas Performing Arts Center through Sunday, Apr. 27.

The Heir Apparent


Jean-François Regnard is not a name that has been on everyone’s lips in recent years. But leave it to comic playwright David Ives to resurrect him and use one of Regnard’s plays as source for a spring production that lifts the entire season. And leave it further to the Classic Stage Company which makes its […]

Underneath the Lintel at MetroStage

Paul Morella as The Librarian in Underneat the Lintel (Photo: Chris Banks)

Underneath the Lintel is a deceivingly simple story of a librarian tracking down the patron who borrowed and returned a long overdue book which transitions into an unanticipated life journey. Paul Morella, date stamp hanging around his neck like a trophy or cherished medal of honor, is an absolute marvel as the lowly clerk.  

Fiasco Theater’s fanciful Two Gentlemen of Verona


The central dilemma of this play is that one of the Gentlemen of Verona, Proteus (Noah Brody) is no gentleman. Instead, he is a cad who seduces and abandons Julia (Jessie Austrian), betrays his friendship to Valentine (Zachary Fine) and pursues Sylvia (Emily Young) much against her will, coming within moments of raping her. He […]

By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

Dawn Ursula as Vera Stark.  (Photo: Stan Barouh)

Once you meet Vera Stark you can’t forget her. The title character of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage’s 2009 masterwork By the Way, Meet Vera Stark has been lost to the ages—and we are the poorer for it. Smart, talented, determined and with a face that played courtesan to the camera, Vera Stark (an incandescent […]

STC’s Henry IV Part 2 is Utter Grandeur


Taken together, Parts One and Two of Shakespeare’s Henry IV are so big that they need a category of their own. I left Friday night’s performance of Part Two thinking of cathedrals, which you have to look at first from the top of a hill — to see the architect’s design — then from the […]

“Unforgettable” – Audra McDonald in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill

Audra MacDonald as Billie Holiday in Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill

As you enter New York’s Circle in the Square, you are faced with the stage floor transformed into a small cabaret in which a jazz trio is entertaining some 30 or 40 people seated at table clothed tables, some sipping wine, some beer, some cocktails. These are the Premium seat buyers who are very close […]

Bullets Over Broadway


I had  the feeling, while watching the new Susan Stroman-Woody Allen musical, that it might have been conceived during something like the following conversation: SS:  “Woody, I’d love to work with you. Have you got an old movie in your trunk that might make the basis of a Broadway musical?  You know, the way Mel […]

Henry IV, Part I


One thing I’ve always wondered about Shakespeare’s Henry plays is why do Hal and Falstaff like each other so much? I understand that Falstaff sees a younger version of himself in Hal, with better chances, and that maybe Hal sees Falstaff as a different kind of king, the ruler of indecent people. But their bond […]

Moss Hart tribute, Act One


Moss Hart’s autobiographical “Act One”  was an instant best seller when it was published by Random House in 1959, and it has remained in print ever since. The book was critically acclaimed and remained on the N.Y.Times best-seller list for forty one weeks, which was remarkable, particularly for a theatrical memoir.

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