Keegan Theatre reopens with powerful Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (review)

Brianna Letourneau as Maggie and Kevin Hasser as Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

“There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity.” This one line offers up the theme of Tennessee William’s renowned Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in ten simple words. But, as evidenced in the Keegan Theatre’s sparkling production, there is nothing simple about the relationships on this Mississippi estate.

Peter Pan at Threesixty Theatre at Tysons Corner Center (review)


The moment you take your first steps inside the 100-foot-high tent and the one-of-a-kind Threesixty Theatre, you know this isn’t going to be your usual production of Peter Pan. As someone who has seen both the Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby Broadway versions of Peter Pan numerous times, there’s not much about the show that […]

Double Trouble (AKA The Parent Trap) at Imagination Stage (review)

(l-r) Amaree Cluff, Sarah Lasko, Lauren Williams, Jamie Smithson  (Photo: Margot Schulman)

Double Trouble, now playing at Imagination Stage, is a charming world premiere musical that works on every level. It’s funny, well-acted, and delivers an endearing story and wonderful music.

The Producers wowing them at Olney Theatre Center (review)


Among the many lines quoted from the films of Mel Brooks, one gem is the one the producer/director/actor himself uttered impersonating King Louis XIV while ogling a voluptuous lady of the court: “It’s good to be the king.” During the 2001 Broadway season is was certainly good to be Mel Brooks when his stage adaptation […]

Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude at Adventure/MTC (review)


Cats and chaos. That about sums up Garfield: The Musical with Cattitude.  And, it’s a splendid combination. Full disclosure: As a child, my brother owned about 100 Garfield replicas—figurines, stuffed animals, and household objects (the Garfield phone—anyone remember that one?). And, as a good little sister, I supported his habit. So, I may be biased […]

Finally Quiet In My Head at DC Black Theatre Festival

Life in DC can be utterly chaotic and overwhelming. In her new play, Cristina Bejan piles on the daily DC stressors – balancing work, school, family, and friends – which led to the ultimate mental upset in Finally Quiet In My Head. The play is a journey bridging the gap between the end of adolescence […]

Source Festival: Blue Straggler – engaging and sexy

Jenny Donovan and Heidi Fortune (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

Could a feeling send a jolt through the fabric of time and space and make the universe shiver? And is the material that weaves our past, present and future merely and illusion?

Chesapeake Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in the ruins (review)


While not considered one the Bard’s richest works or given the most revelatory treatment, The Comedy of Errors makes for ideal picnic blanket theatre in Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s lively and communal outdoor In-The-Ruins production. Its numerous twists, capers, and broad characters prove a great frame for the company to fill with seemingly every kind of […]

Source Festival: (a love story): fresh, funny and poignant


If you are at all like me, as you are watching the new play (a love story) at this year’s Source Festival, memories of the most intense of feelings will mingle with thoughts of small moments from your past. Your mind will veer between considering the most existential of questions to thinking about the most […]

Occupied Territories at Theater Alliance: visceral and stunning (review)


As any horror movie will tell you: don’t go into the basement. You never know what you’ll find there. In the case of Occupied Territories, a visceral and stunning new work from Theater Alliance in association with Kicking Pig Productions, a suburban basement contains gut-wrenching insights into the inner life and combat past of a […]

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