“It’s a helluva” On the Town


I was apprehensive when I entered the central lobby of the vast Lyric Theatre on 42nd Street to see the latest revival of Bernstein-Comden and Green’s On the Town. I have to be one of the few left who vividly remembers the original production, and the mid-WWII lift it gave us when it opened in […]

The Belle of Amherst

Joely Richardson as Emily Dickinson
(Photo: Carol Rosegg)

In 1976 Julie Harris, at the peak of her onstage career, brought this one woman play to Broadway. She managed to keep it afloat for over 100 performances at the Longacre Theatre where the revival of You Can’t Take It With You is currently enjoying an equally successful run. Joely Richardson, best known for her […]

The Wolfe Twins at Studio Theatre

Birgit Huppuch as Dana, Jolly Abraham as Raina and Tom Story as Lewis (Photo: Igor Dmitry)

Travel is a magnifying lens. Our personalities expand, our behaviors exaggerate. We do things we wouldn’t consider at home. We confide in strangers, we make risky and terrible decisions in the name of adventure, we speak our most biting truths.

Danny Boy at Unexpected Stage


To say that Unexpected Stage’s production of Danny Boy comes up short would be a cruel pun, if an apt one. Not to be confused with Dani Girl  which Unexpected Stage produced this past summer, Marc Goldsmith’s Danny Boy centers on the experience of a man with dwarfism. While Danny has friends, his social circle […]

Sex with Strangers at Signature Theatre


Laura Eason’s Sex with Strangers is a booty call with brains. Funny, sexy and insightful, Sex with Strangers is a play about hooking up—and the often messy consequences when the afterglow fades—that hooks you with its unpredictable approach to the mind games lovers play, as well as the issues of privacy and identity in the […]

La Vida Breve/A Brief Life


There’s the buzz of excitement and immediacy on the Tivoli Theatre stage. The In Series Pocket Opera’s artistic director and founder, Carla Hübner, tells us that almost 100 years have passed since the first staging in Madrid, Spain, of Manuel de Falla’s rarely performed one-act gem, La vida breve/The Brief Life, on November 14, 1914.

Elmer Gantry at Signature Theatre


“There’s nothing wrong,” Elmer Gantry (Charlie Pollock) tells a musician (Nick Lehan) in the latest version of this oft-sung tale, “with a few hot licks on behalf of Jesus Christ.”

Gracias por Todo/Thanks For Everything


At the lowest abyss of this emotional roller-coaster ride, there is a terrifying life-changing revelation. Yet the staging of this beautiful one-act monologue, written for Uruguayan actress, Nidia Telles, by playwright Julio César Castro, starts out innocently in a safety zone.

Next to Normal at Center Stage


The multi award-winning musical Next to Normal (it even garnered a Pulitzer) grabs you in the essential organs—gut, heart, brain—from the first power chord and doesn’t let go until the last choral note of the finale “Light” sears into your memory.

Fetch Clay, Make Man at Round House Theatre

Eddie Ray Jackson (Photo: Kevin Berne)

“When you wear the mask for so long,” Lincoln Perry, a/k/a Stepin Fetchit (Roscoe Orman) warns Sonji Clay (Katherine Renee Turner), the wife of world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, f/k/a Cassius Clay (Eddie Ray Jackson) in this astonishing play, “you can’t take it off.”

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