Amadeus at Center Stage


How can something so sumptuous also be so balanced? That’s the delicious riddle of Center Stage’s production of Amadeus, which, under the assured direction of artistic director Kwame Kwei-Armah is both visually and aurally lavish, yet empathetic.

A Raisin in the Sun at Compass Rose Theater


There is a scene in Lorraine Hansberry’s landmark drama A Raisin in the Sun where the troubled, young husband and father Walter Lee Younger feels he has lost any chance of finding his dream. But his loving, lioness of a mother, Lena, looks him in the eye and tells him she never stopped trusting him […]

Florencia in the Amazon


Washington National Opera’s new production of Florencia in the Amazon carries us through many auditory and visual delights taking us on a trip up the Amazon with hints of magic as it “bathes us” in the atmosphere of its inspiration, the very special dreamworld-as-shape-shifter-of-reality of Columbian writer Gabriela Garcia Márquez.

Marie Antoinette at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

(l-r) Bradley Foster Smith, Joe Isenberg and Kimberly Gilbert (Photo: Stan Barouh)

So, the great nation of France is saddled with crushing national debt. They’re battered from war, the people are starving, and a revolutionary ember crackles quietly beneath the surface of the political landscape.

The Shoplifters at Arena Stage


We all do things that bend the rules. Sometimes we break them, sometimes we ceremoniously throw them out the window. In Arena Stage’s season opener, the world premiere of Morris Panych’s The Shoplifters, these bends and breaks are elevated to dizzying heights, until there’s nothing to do but laugh at dreary realities and their role […]

The return of R+J: Star-Cross’d Death Match

Romeo (Josh Adams) first sees Juliet (Photo courtesy of LiveArtDC)

You are a Capulet or you are a Montague, and so when you enter the DC Reynolds Bar you get a red cup or a blue cup. Thereafter, in a prelude to the saddest romantic tragedy in all of English literature, you have a drinking game. First you raise your cup, then you chug the […]

The Devil in His Own Words


We love to see the Devil on stage because – let’s be honest – he’s the character who is most like us. When he shows up in our stories, it is always with a wounded sense of entitlement. He has a contract, signed – in blood – by some hapless sap with poor impulse control. […]

A. R. Gurney and The Wayside Motor Inn at Signature, New York


A.R.Gurney is a national treasure, who earned his sobriquet slowly and surely by writing over forty plays in the past 60 years, rivaling his contemporary Sir Alan Ayckbourn in productivity. Like his British colleague, Gurney chose to stick pretty close to home in writing about his own clan — the middle class WASPs and their […]

TOAST from dog & pony DC

Kerry McGee, Tyrone Giordano and  Joan Cummins in dog & pony DC’s TOAST. (Photo: Teresa Wood)

Have you ever watched an Apple, IBM, or Google commercial and wondered ”Why couldn’t I do that?” dog & pony DC asks would-be innovators to flex their mental muscles in Toast, an interactive, empowering production wherein quirky inventors guide the audience toward game-changing technological advances.

Take Me Out at 1st Stage


Baseball is the all-American blank slate, and Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out draws a dazzling array of ideas, jokes, poetry, meanings and tragedies large and small all over it. It celebrates baseball because people find something to celebrate in baseball, and it sees America’s triumphs and woes reflected in it because other people do. In […]

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