The circus isn’t coming to town (but it’s already here)

With the recent announcement that The Big Apple Circus will be ending public performances, circus lovers might be worried about where to get their clown fix. No need to worry: the DC-area is home to an array of accomplished clowns, mimes, and physical theatre companies.

My won’t-miss shows for this season

If you’re like me, you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, filled out your budget for the next fiscal year, and made arrangements for your final repose after The Event Which Awaits Us All occurs. Now it’s time for something much more difficult: planning your theater season.

Remembering Zelda Fichandler’s Arena Stage

Since the death of Zelda Fichandler on July 29th, there have been numerous tributes to the woman, her accomplishments, and her great and important legacy. All are well-earned and thoroughly deserved. In the pantheon of Washington, D.C. theatre-makers, the zenith position belongs to Zelda.

Elizabeth Bruce’s Theatrical Journey, arts in the community

A phone rings. The voice on the other end reports that there’s an emergency: a teddy bear has broken its leg and needs to see a doctor right away. Thankfully, the phone was answered by teaching artist Elizabeth Bruce and her young students are now on the case.

Ready to laugh? 8 dog gifs perfectly sum up last night’s Helen Hayes Award nominations

1.  This Chihuahua Who Found Out That There Was No Live Stream of the Nomination Announcements, But Then Remembered That Twitter is a Thing. Notice that she is still real disappointed. I’m sure someone did the calculations on viewership and setup cost and it didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean that one still can’t […]

Salome – guilty or innocent? Tribunes ruling at Shakespeare Theatre

When Salomé, having won her era’s version of Dancing with the Stars, selected as her prize an all-expenses trip to the afterlife for poor John the Baptist, was she engaged in a criminal conspiracy with her mother and stepfather? Or was she exercising her right to petition the King — who happened to be her […]

In this time of giving back, one simple request

  Dear Readers, I want to thank you. Because of you, DC Theatre Scene is celebrating its 10th birthday.

Hell is … Nu Sass takes on Sartre and suffering

Starting this week, Nu Sass stages Sartre’s famous play as it was first presented, performing No Exit in a living room size venue with space for just 20 people. Here, director Angela Kay Pirko examines her discoveries from the play.

Mary Hall Surface on the theatrical world of baby plays

Imagine creating theatre for an audience that has never seen a play before; that responds freely and fully to the unfolding story, sounds, and images; that hops, spins, and jumps on stage when invited to join in; that takes in the world with total wonder.

At GALA, Slaves To Society/Esclavos A La Sociedad brings promise of emancipation from racial bias

Emoting that comes direct from the heart can grab you in the heart, even twist your gut. It’s real. You want to reach out and hug the participants in thanks. That’s what I felt, last Friday night, watching  the ensemble of 27 young people, 13 to 18 years old, who participated in Paso Nuevo’s six-week […]

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