Weirdest thing and other impossible Fringe questions

How’s it going, Capital Fringe fans? As we get ready for this final Fringe weekend (Capital Fringe closes Sunday, July 27) we thought we’d check in with all the Fringe-goers. We came up with the questions, and our writers have started us off.  We’ll be looking for your answers in the Comments below.

Feisty Old Jew

Actor and performer Charlie Varon has a definite propensity when it comes to storytelling: a laidback and welcoming presence, a passionate mind full of churning ideas, and what a voice! Spanning mellow depths to squeaking highs and with diction to put Henry Higgins to shame, his rich range and control are made to bring classical […]

The Adventures of Tapman

You know Batman and Spiderman and Ironman and Thor. Superman, Wonderwoman, the Hulk and Captain America. But do you recall, the most famous tap dancing superhero of all?

The Fever

On days when I’m seeing a Fringe show, I generally put my button on when I get dressed in the morning and leave it on all day. It’s more convenient that way. Yesterday I was riding the Metro and a lady of a mighty age squeezed in next to me. She looked at my button. […]

The Mutualistic Melody

When three men’s lives unexpectedly become intertwined due to the suicide of a woman they unknowingly shared, human relationships are suddenly tested in a manner that none of them could have imagined.

Dateline: Macbeth

Dateline: Macbeth is a mashup of the tabloid style of true crime reporting and Shakespeare famous tragedy. Unfortunately this mashup is more of a mishmash of conflicting objectives and styles that strands a talented cast in Hawaii.

Homeboy Thanksgiving

Playwright Jose Zaraté and director Rhiannon Cooper debut a masterful production, Homeboy Thanksgiving, at this year’s Fringe Festival.

The Capital City Showcase

Since the entertainers who make up The Capital City Showcase change from production to production, the only useful thing a review can do is address broad themes. The broad themes to The Capital City Showcase are this: DC’s got funny, and DC’s got music. My review is: yeah.

The Human Algorithm

You and a close group of friends are out at a dimly lit, divey bar. Or maybe it’s a higher end, cocktail place where you can grab a few classier drinks; nothing too crowded or cluttered with dude bros, but not so empty that you feel awkward about your voice’s volume. You share stories and […]

Mandarin Orange

Writer and solo performer Kate Robards may have felt like a fish out of water during her stay in China, but she can boast two homes. One is the small town of Orange, Texas, where she was raised. The other is the stage. With fetching charm, abundant humor and a gift for self-reflection, Robards’ Mandarin […]

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