Faith Prince in Barbara Cook’s Spotlight

Memory is a powerful thing in music. When I was young, one of my first exposures to musical theatre was the 1993 Broadway revival cast recording of Guys and Dolls. Mostly known for introducing an unsuspecting world to the force of nature that is Nathan Lane, its highly colorful, stylish take on the Damon Runyon […]

The Capital City Showcase

Since the entertainers who make up The Capital City Showcase change from production to production, the only useful thing a review can do is address broad themes. The broad themes to The Capital City Showcase are this: DC’s got funny, and DC’s got music. My review is: yeah.

Megan Hilty a smash at the Kennedy Center

I’m not one who is prone to turning into a “fanboy.” Part of my joy in seeing cabarets in the Barbara Cook series at the Kennedy Center has been the “Stars, they’re just like us!” vibe that comes from everyone’s presence in the small Terrace Theatre (or, for Mandy and Patti, the Eisenhower, a.k.a. the […]

Barbara Cook’s Spotlight: Brian d’Arcy James

In every trip I make to a cabaret performance, I pay particular attention to the personal connection the performer wants to make with his or her audience. It’s the classic actor question: Ok, you’ve been given a stage, and an audience full of people here to watch you do whatever you want…and, go!

An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin

In my other reviews, I’ve made mention of cabaret as a fascinating opportunity with a name artist. Tonight, it’s just artist and audience, me as me, you as you, and we will share something directly, it seems to promise. There is a sense of palpable excitement at the opportunity of receiving this vulnerability before the […]

Nicholas Rodriguez and Eleasha Gamble: The Power of Two

It’s the great story of theatre, isn’t it?   A leading lady gets replaced after a production begins performances and with her leading man, they create something unexpected and magical onstage together.  Those that witnessed Arena Stage’s enormously successful production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! in 2010 or its return engagement in the summer of 2011 […]

Jeffrey Johnson performs Edie Beale LIVE at Reno Sweeney!

Setting off for L’Enfant Café, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my evening with Jeffrey Johnson, Little Edie, and the intimate Adams Morgan haunt currently playing host to both. I had a passing familiarity with Edie: seen bits of performance by Christine Ebersole from the Broadway production of Grey Gardens, lots of publicity for […]

Barbara Cook’s Spotlight: An Evening with Lucie Arnaz

There’s something to be said about being able to put on a show that seems fresh and unexpected even after one has been in show business for nearly 50 years.  Indeed, Lucie Arnaz’s cabaret performance at the Kennedy Center had the mark of someone who clearly has honed her craft throughout the years and finds […]

Special Agent Galactica and Peter Fields at L’Enfant Cafe

At the crossroads of Adams Morgan and Dupont, L’Enfant Café spills candlelight and savory aromas onto the street corner.  Tureens of onion soup and buttery mussels steam up the snug little bistro, a couple tug on the loose ends of a mountain of French fries like they’re playing Janga.  It’s an Old-World date spot that […]

The Marcy and Zina Show

The thing I hate about cabaret singers is that you can’t critique them. Cabaret is communicating your humanity – good cabaret singers make you care about them and disarm critics. They sing/speak like you’re hanging out in the kitchen over homemade chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of wine, perhaps occasionally and casually remembering that […]

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