Christopher Henley sums up the Helen Hayes wage debates and offers a few gentle suggestions

I wade into the compensation debate with some reluctance. The discourse has become startlingly heated. People care about the issues, which is a good thing. But unfortunate, incendiary, even insulting things have been said on both sides to those who have expressed perspectives and opinions that not everyone agrees with. I think that’s really sad […]

I’m non-Equity and I already make a living wage, but thank you anyway.

I want to thank my friends and colleagues for their vigorous advocacy of non-Equity theatre makers – performers, producers, or both – during the discussion of theatreWashington’s new minimum pay requirements. I applaud the dialogue on all sides for remaining informed, erudite and civil.

Fresh new ideas from Pallas Theatre Collective: preparing for Helen Hayes wage requirements

Earlier this month, Pallas Theatre Collective issued a response to the new Helen Hayes Awards eligibility requirements.  You can read it here.  DC Theatre Scene reached out to us and asked us to expand on our response for their series.

theatreWashington’s minimum wage a good start. We should go further

Currently in the United States there is a great debate over what constitutes minimum wage. Why should the Washington Theatre Community be any different? Many of us are working hard contacting our reps in Washington and at home to get the minimum wage to a point where people aren’t taken advantage of by their employers. […]

In support of theatreWashington. An actor defends push for living wage

I am a professional actor in favor of wage increases for artists, and I am at a crossroads. I believe many people in our theatre community are. It has been a tumultuous week that has brought many of our core values into question, and the debate is heated to say the least. I am, however, […]

Helen Hayes wage rules put small theatres at a crossroads

There’s a huge takeaway for small theatre companies in DC following the revised Helen Hayes eligibility requirements and the removal of Ari Roth from Theater J: In DC, at least, theatre is first and foremost a business. Each of us needs to decide what to do with that uncomfortable fact.

Arts in Decline and a Meteor is Headed Our Way

A recent, oft-cited study from the National Endowment from the Arts showed that there has been a steep decline in theatre attendance. I’m not certain where that ranks among issues such as global warming, a dysfunctional government, and the possibility of a rogue meteor making this a moot point, but it seems to me there’s […]

It’s pretty, but is theatre any longer necessary?

I make theatre and I like to sail. My theatrical vocation and my nautical hobby permit me to observe that America’s distorted version of theatre exactly parallels its distorted vision of lighthouses. The distortion is more visible as concerns lighthouses because it leaves artifacts; the flea market in Wallingford, Connecticut (from which I’ve just returned) […]

Sound Design. It’s an art that needs your voice now.

It seems, given recent events surrounding the Tony Awards, that there is some heavy doubt and speculation as to what a Sound Designer does, what a good Sound Design accomplishes, what role a Sound Designer plays in the creative process and whether or not sound is a valid artistic design discipline.

When a bad Post review happens to a good show, we all lose

There are few things in the world as rewarding as being the Artistic Director of a theatre company when you see that the hard work and strenuous effort of your board, your staff, and your artists have paid off. Sacrifices have been made to accomplish a successful production.

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