British online radio for musicals lovers to feature 9 complete musicals for the holidays.

Musical theatre lovers everywhere might enjoy this audio reach across the pond.  UK online radio JemmThree,  The staff of UK’s online radio site JemmThree, all avowed musicals fanatics, deliver 24 hours of  show tunes, cheerily commenting about the songs and recent performances in the West End. So, not the standard automated playlists you may be […]

Holiday Gifts for Theatre Lovers

Suggestions from Brad Hathaway  

Sondheim gets a jazz treatment next Monday at Blues Alley

Sondheim music without lyrics? Two jazz musicians uncover a new sound for Sondheim lovers. DC jazz bassist Tommy Cecil tells of the time a few years ago when he was playing a gig supporting New York pianist Bill Mays. He asked what songs they might play, and for the first time in Cecil’s over thirty […]

American Voices at the Kennedy Center: the Broadway musical

As professionals came together at the John F. Kennedy Center the weekend of November 22nd, across the spectrum of music styles, two ideas came to predominate in the program American Voices.. One was that with singing first comes passion then comes the business. The second, related to the first, is that all artists who want […]

American Voices at the Kennedy Center: Country and Pop

As I observed master class after master class across the spectrum of vocal music that was represented this past weekend in American Voices, I learned that the format is more comfortable for practitioners in some styles (opera and musicals) than others (pop and country.)  Sure, the American public gets to sit in front of their […]

Maury Yeston’s ballet, Tom Sawyer

You know the story by Mark Twain. You know a lot of music by Maury Yeston – composer/lyricist of Nine, Titanic, Goya, Death Takes a Holiday, many songs from Grand Hotel and the more-beautiful-than-that-other-guy’s Phantom. Put the two together and you have the new two-disc recording on PS Classics. But it is different than other […]

American Voices at The Kennedy Center: Jazz

Last Friday evening, the premiere jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves ran a Jazz Master Session in the Terrace Theatre at the Kennedy Center.  Renée Fleming moderated the event as part of a weekend she had spearheaded called American Voices, a celebration of our many vocal traditions and styles.  This was followed up by a panel discussion […]

Giant, Original Cast Recording

Michael John LaChiusa doesn’t write easy musicals. He writes complex, multi-themed and often huge works based on challenging material.

Closer Than Ever – new cast recording

A new CD of a show I’ve loved from its earlier recording raises the question “Do I need another one?”  Often, the answer for the normal collector is “No.” (Of course, I’m not your normal collector – I suffer from the symptoms of a condition known as compulsive completism.) But then the follow-up question is: […]

Hands on a Hardbody, Original Broadway Cast Recording

When you say “the recording is better than the show was” sometimes it is a positive comment on the recording and sometimes it is a negative comment on the show. In this case, it is both. The recording captures fine performances by the likes of Keith Carradine, Hunter Foster, Keala Settle, Jim Newman and the […]

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