From creation of transgender opera, As One, to UrbanArias’ quick embrace

“This project has changed me completely,” Laura Kaminsky told me, “as an artist and as a composer. It’s been an amazing experience so far. For months, I was taking Hannah’s spirit everywhere with me. She was haunting our household.”

A smashing Carmen at Washington National Opera (review)

If opera is meant to be a true synthesis, bringing together the many art forms of music, singing, dance, acting, and the visual arts, then Washington National Opera’s Carmen has created a smashing “top drawer” example. For their sixtieth season opener, the company has rolled out the ever popular Georges Bizet opera but made the […]

Opera singer Eric Owens, from Glimmerglass Festival to Washington National Opera

I interviewed Eric Owens, the world-renowned bass-baritone, in the beautiful surroundings of Glimmerglass Festival. He had just come off a performance of Verdi’s Macbeth two nights before and was preparing to work with singers from the Young Artists Program. Soon he would be appearing alongside Artistic Director Francesca Zambello pre-show to greet audiences and encourage […]

Glimmerglass Festival: no better place for The Magic Flute and Candide

On this the fortieth anniversary of the Glimmerglass Festival, Artistic Director Francesca Zambello has delivered to us two big valentines of shows: Mozart’s much beloved work The Magic Flute and Leonard Bernstein’s Candide.

A haunting Macbeth at Glimmerglass Festival

The general understanding in theatre is that there is a curse on Shakespeare’s Scottish play. I wonder in Anne Bogart’s new operatic production at Glimmerglass Festival, despite some wonderful singing, whether some of that curse didn’t leak over to create a bit of a soggy mash of an interpretation of Verdi’s opera.

Stunning premiere for Vivaldi’s Cato in Utica at Glimmerglass Festival

There is something very special about attending the premiere of a great work, where all discoveries happen in real time. Saturday evening the energy was electrifying, filled with gasps and eruptions of spontaneous applause. The production was indeed stunning from the opening moment.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘On Opera and the Law’ at Glimmerglass Festival

Two giants were in fulsome display at Glimmerglass Festival on Saturday, both alike in dignity: the notorious RBG (Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and Roman Republic’s own Cato the Younger. Both stand as well-deserved heroes and staunch defenders of their respective republics.

Scalia/Ginsburg opera debuts at Castleton Festival

With Scalia/Ginsburg, Derrick Wang’s delightful mash of an opera, the composer shamelessly steals from almost every major composer and switches styles with alacrity, even setting some American anthems to quirky operatic use. It signifies his knowledge and relish of the entire operatic repertoire and marks his celebration of Justice Ginsburg as the genre’s great champion. […]

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a highlight at Castleton Festival

The highly anticipated first entrance of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to deliver what has become her signature off-the-bench talk, “Law in Opera,” begins off-stage left where a slight, frail shadow gets projected on the walls by the flashlight helping her on stage, then it grows to become enormous, thrilling, filling the wall and throwing the […]

Rossini’s Cinderella at The Kennedy Center (review)

Gioachino Rossini’s comic opera, La Cenerentola, here titled Cinderella, is full of vibrantly-colored costumes, wild wigs, a thrilling gallop of a score, charming voices, and delightfully cavorting mice – well, giant-sized rats – but is it funny and family friendly? Stage Director Joan Font has indeed pulled out all the stops in choreographed scenes and […]

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