Sylvia at NextStop Theatre

Sherry Berg and Gayle Grimes (Photo: Rebekah Purcell VSION)

There are some great pop-culture rivalries that can’t be resolved. Coke vs. Pepsi, Cowboys vs. Redskins, Apple vs. Samsung, Sega Genesis vs. Super Nintendo… the list goes on and on. But cat people and dog people? That’s one that can tear a family apart. Or maybe it’s the divide between true dog-lovers and everyone else. […]

Loca La Juana/That Crazy Joan


Women who make trouble make history. Once there was a female pope who turned the Vatican upside down, or so the legend goes, only one of the women Ecuadoran actress Joan Estrella came to celebrate in her sensational, stand-up comedy show.

Our War at Arena Stage, a resounding success

(l-r) Our War(L to R) John Lescault and Tuyet Pham in Our War (Photo: Teresa Wood)

“Doesn’t the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in an American theater make everything else that’s ever happened in an American theater before or since seem kinda trivial?”

1960’s Hedda Gabler at Quotidian Theatre


I was all ready to declare Quotidian Theatre Company’s boldly imagined if awkwardly self-conscious reworking of Hedda Gabler as a fatal misstep in transference. But after revisiting Henrik Ibsen’s original script, I found that director Michael Avolio’s adaptation is in fact an astute, if not penetrating, revamp. I’m now not so sure what to declare […]

Visible Language from WSC Avant Bard

(l-r) Mikey Cafarelli
(Rep. Joseph Cannon), Miranda Medugno
(Helen Keller), Sarah Anne Sillers (Anne Sullivan), Emily Stemper (Laura Redden Searing). (Photo: C. Stanley Photography

In recent years there has been a marked uptick in collaborations between the DC professional theater community and Gallaudet University, the famed local school for the deaf. I’ve been a proponent and something of a cheerleader of this trend, even previously writing a feature on Faction of Fools’ production of sign language-infused Shakespeare commedia adaptation […]

The Wolfe Twins at Studio Theatre

Birgit Huppuch as Dana, Jolly Abraham as Raina and Tom Story as Lewis (Photo: Igor Dmitry)

Travel is a magnifying lens. Our personalities expand, our behaviors exaggerate. We do things we wouldn’t consider at home. We confide in strangers, we make risky and terrible decisions in the name of adventure, we speak our most biting truths.

Danny Boy at Unexpected Stage


To say that Unexpected Stage’s production of Danny Boy comes up short would be a cruel pun, if an apt one. Not to be confused with Dani Girl  which Unexpected Stage produced this past summer, Marc Goldsmith’s Danny Boy centers on the experience of a man with dwarfism. While Danny has friends, his social circle […]

Sex with Strangers at Signature Theatre


Laura Eason’s Sex with Strangers is a booty call with brains. Funny, sexy and insightful, Sex with Strangers is a play about hooking up—and the often messy consequences when the afterglow fades—that hooks you with its unpredictable approach to the mind games lovers play, as well as the issues of privacy and identity in the […]

La Vida Breve/A Brief Life


There’s the buzz of excitement and immediacy on the Tivoli Theatre stage. The In Series Pocket Opera’s artistic director and founder, Carla Hübner, tells us that almost 100 years have passed since the first staging in Madrid, Spain, of Manuel de Falla’s rarely performed one-act gem, La vida breve/The Brief Life, on November 14, 1914.

Elmer Gantry at Signature Theatre


“There’s nothing wrong,” Elmer Gantry (Charlie Pollock) tells a musician (Nick Lehan) in the latest version of this oft-sung tale, “with a few hot licks on behalf of Jesus Christ.”

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