New Five Guys Named Moe, still musical heaven


My heart was pretty pumped when I received the assignment to cover one of my favorite musical revues. And then, it sank. Years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a first class tour of the Louis Jordan jukebox musical revue Five Guys Named Moe and was blown away by the energy and musicality of […]

Little Dancer at The Kennedy Center


The long-anticipated musical, The Little Dancer, made its official world premiere at the Kennedy Center last week, and its star dazzled the opening night audience whose applause, at several points, nearly stopped the show.

The Gift of Nothing, a great child’s gift at the Kennedy Center


We’re truly blessed to have such sharp talents right here in D.C., who can take a comic strip and whip it up into a classy, pleasant children’s musical seemingly effortlessly. While The Gift of Nothing, commissioned by and having its world premiere at The Kennedy Center, will probably not enter the canon of classic children’s […]

All new Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol brightens the holiday


Just when you thought you’ve seen the absolute final rendition of a Christmas Carol that you can take, another version pops up that’s irresistible—Tiny Tim’s is one of those. A grown up and healed Tim tells what really happened behind the scenes that changed the curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge all those years ago on the back […]

Wake Up, Brother Bear, gentle fun for all at Imagination Stage


One of the unexpected joys of parenting, for me, has been experiencing those moments when you see your child interact with the world in a new or more engaged way and you feel a sudden wave of emotion. I had that experience more than once during Wake Up, Brother Bear, the piece that just opened […]

Disney’s The Little Mermaid makes a big splash at Olney


In 1989, a certain Disney film swore to every attentive child that “life is the bubbles under the sea.” Now, 25 years later, Olney Theatre Center’s The Little Mermaid confirms that it’s still worth spending some quality time with the blowfish, crabs, octovillains and merfolk who inhabit their most recent production.

Fiddler on the Roof at Arena Stage


It’s easy to become jaded in the theater. I see it all the time. Actors who have played the same part one too many times; critics who have seen the same productions of the same plays one hundred too many times. Fiddler on the Roof is a perfect example of one of these plays. The […]

Bad Jews at Studio Theatre


With a title as juicy as Bad Jews, a writer better be able to back up the bravado with some some serious skill. Luckily for DC audiences, Joshua Harmon is a young writer of uncommon emotional insight, rhetorical skill and giant brass balls. His skill in nomenclature being the least of his considerable talents, Harmon […]

Molotov’s chilling Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe

(l-r)  Jen Bevan, Elliott Kashner and Yoni Gray. (photo: Kristin Jackman)

The dark genius of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories and poetry can be enjoyed on your own, reading by flickering candle light just to add to the experience. Another way to enjoy a selection of Poe’s most popular tales is to let the fine folks at Molotov Theatre Group bring the nightmarish tales to life.

Virus Attacks Heart at Venus Theatre

Joe Feldman and  Karin Rosnizek (Photo: Adam S. Lowe Photography)

Sex with strangers can be exciting, awkward, and unsatisfying (or so I am told). The same can be said of Virus Attacks Heart by promising young playwright Shannon Murdoch at Venus Theatre.

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