Seven Guitars at No Rules Theatre

Ron Durtch as Hedley (Photo: Teresa Wood)

The reflective moments after a funeral open and close August Wilson’s Seven Guitars, the opening production of No Rules Theatre Co.’s 2014-15 season. And that’s wholly appropriate, as the play is an extended memory lesson, bursting with all the tragic lyricism one expects of the man who chronicled the drama of the African-American experience in […]

Venus and Adonis by Isango Ensemble


A very different show than Isango Ensemble’s companion piece, Magic Flute, Venus and Adonis is more somber, less accessible, and is more of an acquired taste. While Flute is deliriously fun for all ages, Venus and Adonis is definitely slanted to a more sedate crowd ready to hunker down and deal with the vagaries of […]

The Magic Flute by Isango Ensemble


Who knew that Mozart’s Magic Flute could bounce and sway with an African beat? It does, big time in the masterful production by the visiting artistry of the Isango Ensemble from Cape Town, South Africa. And I mean visiting as in short run of only several performances remaining before they pack up for the rest […]

Fatal Song: The Great Opera Murders from In Series

Promotion image from Fatal Song (Photo courtesy of In Series)

Between consumption, poison, madness, exposure, stabbing, and suffocation, the divas of classic opera never really had much of a chance. Carmen, Mimi, Desdemona, and others finally get the chance to vent about their unfortunate ends through The In Series’ gleeful production of Fatal Song, a melodious sendup of the raw deals handed to opera divas […]

Cancun at GALA

(l-r) Carlos Castillo, Luz Nicholas, Chani Martin, Monica Bohill (Photo: Courtesy GALA Hispanic Theatre)

Cancún  is a richly-layered comedy, a brilliantly-written four hander, by Jordi Galcerán, Europe’s hottest playwright at the moment, from Catalonia, Spain. Two couples from Spain celebrate 25 years of close friendship on the Fourth of July by vacationing in Cancún, Mexico. On a richly detailed set, replete with real, granulated, white sand that puts us […]

Once at Baltimore’s Hippodrome


Sometimes, a break from Broadway brass and bombast is a good thing. No one savors glitz and a Merman-esque belt more than this critic, but the still power and poise of Once may make you re-think the idea that a musical must either be runaway high-energy or a spectacle of some sort.

We are Samurai at Venus Theatre


For those among us who remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as children, Venus Theatre’s latest production will be a welcome treat. We Are Samurai, a promenade-style play by Daria Miyuki Marinelli and directed by Deborah Randall, allows audiences to choose which narrative threads to follow, which environments to explore, and yes—which of the […]

Fool for Love at Round House


When a door slams in Round House Theatre’s production of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love, the slam carries. Noises linger with an eerie resonance giving the impression that the entire play takes place underwater. In fact, with the play’s action confined to a motel room, the characters may as well be locked in an airtight […]

Theater Alliance’s Spark Ignites the Stage

Sarah Kathryn Strasser, Anna Lathrop (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

The theatre knows its wars. From King Lear to Black Watch, the tradition of soldier on a stage has a long, rich, and male-dominated history. Less often told—or staged—are the tales of women at war. And Theater Alliance’s world premiere production of Spark, directed by Colin Hovde, ignites a bold, new, and crucial facet of […]

The Cole Porter Project from In Series


What does one expect when attending an event called The Cole Porter Project?  Given the composer-fronted name and the producing company (the In Series, primarily known for their accessible opera work), I imagined a fairly simple review of some of Porter’s classic tunes, plus a few of the lesser-known gems. A handful of great performers […]

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