G-d’s Honest Truth, a painfully funny new play at Theater J


What if you bought a one-of-a-kind Picasso, and then a friend revealed it wasn’t really one-of-a-kind? Would you accept the truth – or cling to ignorance like a warm blanket? In Theater J’s painfully funny premiere of G-d’s Honest Truth, playwright Renee Calarco explores how and why smart people willingly suspend logic and fall for […]

Revolution not televised, but intelligently staged at CenterStage


Family politics are prickly enough, but throw in a proudly political left-wing clan and you’ve got the makings of some proletariat pyrotechnics.

Blaemire turns end of the world into quirky new musical Soon


The world is ending at Signature Theatre. Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a song. In Soon, a world premiere musical from writer/composer Nick Blaemire, we are faced with the threat of untimely demise. And remarkably, it’s a good time.  

Warlow and company deliver a stunning Man of La Mancha

Nehal Joshi as Sancho and Anthony Warlow as Don Quixote (Photo: Scott Suchman)

What object best represents Man of La Mancha, the newly opened musical at Shakespeare Theater Company? Maybe a stylish and well-fitting pair of jeans with rivets on the seams. Perhaps a classic Chrysler LeBaron with shiny wheel spokes and smooth pseudo-wood panel on the side. Or Man of La Mancha could be a fine bottle […]

Kevin McAllister’s a standout in Wildhorn’s revamped Freedom Song


History’s habit of repeating itself comes with a twist in Freedom’s Song: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, now playing at Ford’s Theater. The play is essentially a museum piece made of a series of songs set in the Civil War that are mashed up with the words of Abraham Lincoln and the vocal talent […]

The Norwegians. Funny? You can bet your Lutefisk


If Scena Theatre’s production of C. Denby Swanson’s The Norwegians was a food, it would be a chocolate mousse. It is a darkly delicious black comedy about two spurned women in Minnesota who consider hiring Norwegian professionals to kill the lovers who jilted them. Yet despite the murderous subject, it has an entertaining lightness that […]

In the battle over the Constitution, The Originalist emerges the winner

Kerry Warren as Cat and Edward Gero as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

The business of judges is to understand and interpret statutes, and in order to do that they commonly try to uncover the intention of the legislature which passed that law. When your job, like Antonin Scalia’s, is to interpret the Constitution, you are divining the intentions of men (and they were all men) who wore […]

Blossom’s Rainbow, must-go show for the wee ones


I can’t recommend Blossom’s Rainbow highly enough. This wonderfully magical new play for very young audiences just opened at The Athenaeum in Alexandria, and moves to Atlas in DC in April. If you are looking for something aesthetically stimulating and engaging for the zero to six year-old set (the demographic that this six year-old company […]

Entremeses at Iberian Suite festivel


A lone tree trunk, with spiky, bare branches, is the minimalist set. Immediately, I felt thrust into a landscape for Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, uninviting for Spanish hospitality. Yet that tree serves as a perfect symbol for what we see.

Angela Lansbury’s spirited turn in Coward’s classic Blithe Spirit


It’s been six years since Angela Lansbury won her fifth Tony for playing Madame Arcati in a Broadway revival of Blithe Spirit. It’s been nearly sixty years since she made her stage debut here in town at the National Theatre. It’s been seventy years since she got her first Oscar nomination.

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