Baskerville, a bit of theatrical fun at Arena Stage


Warning, Sherlock Holmes fans: If you’re a dedicated viewer of CBS’ “Elementary” or consider A. Conan Doyle’s novel “The Hound of the Baskervilles” one of the greatest suspense novels in the English language, you’ll need to reset your thinking for Baskerville.

Life sucks, maybe, but watching the Posner play is pure bliss

Judith Ingber and Eric Hissom in Life Sucks (Photo: C. Stanley Photography)

I’m head-over-heels in love with this play. We all know the pain of age or overwork or of desperately loving someone with whom you could never share a kiss. It aches and it sucks. But all that aching and sucking is what makes you feel alive, and the unfulfilled longing that you feel so deeply […]

Stunning production of The Whale at Rep Stage

Michael Russotto as Charlie and Megan Anderson as Liz (Photo courtesy of Rep Stage)

Eating yourself to death. Not recommended. Trust me, I tried. The 400-lb. life I led 9 years and 190 lbs. ago was living from the neck up. Anything else was too hard, too painful.

Autism and grief explored in Mockingbird


Understanding loss can be a tricky business for children, and especially so for those with disabilities. The Kennedy Center’s poignant production of Mockingbird explores an autistic girl’s emotional, unique journey through grief and healing in the wake of unspeakable tragedy. Mockingbird, adapted from the award-winning young adult novel by Kathryn Erskine, stands out from the […]

Red High Heels at Anacostia Playhouse


A middle-aged man, decked out in modern-day armor—jacket, tie, suspenders, and shined shoes— sips a pale ale. He is achingly alone. Melancholy seems to be his most present friend. Regret, all he knows of his past. And personal annihilation the only trail for his future. 

No Rules’ gamer’s romance, In Love and Warcraft

Anu Yadav as Evue and Jamie Smithson as Tony (Photo: Teresa Wood)

A tense build-up; a long-anticipated entry; desperate shouting of instructions; begging for supernatural aid; an explosive climax; a satisfied finish. Depicting all the passion of a major raid against a difficult monster in the online multiplayer game World of Warcraft (WoW), the first scene of No Rules Theatre Company’s DC premiere is a collision between […]

Choir Boy at Studio Theatre


It is a risky thing to make this claim in the first month of the year. But if you see one show at Studio Theatre in 2015, let it be Choir Boy.

NextStop’s Gutenberg! The Musical! earns those !!!

(l-r) Ryan Burke as Bud and John Loughney as Doug in Gutenberg! The Musical! at NextStop (Photo: Jaclyn Young)

Ask any playwright and they’ll tell you that the only thing harder than writing a play is getting someone to produce it. Playwrights often jump through some pretty humiliating hoops just to get their play produced. In Nextstop Theater’s Gutenberg! The Musical!, audiences get to witness some of that desperation as Bud and Doug, an […]

Cops tops American Century double bill

(l-r) Anthony van Eyck as Bob Barberson; Dan Alexander as Gene Czerwicki; Bruce Alan Rauscher as Jack Rolf (Photo by Johannes Markus )

America is engaged in an agonizing public discussion of the roles, and prerogatives, of our police force in light of recent deaths in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City. Does American Century Theater’s doubleheader, Terry Curtis Fox’s Cops and William Saroyan’s Hello Out There, advance that discussion, and enlighten the way we think about law […]

The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible


I have to admit I am something of a magic geek. I love seeing the impossible and having magicians do things that my mind just can’t fathom. It’s one of the reasons I was so excited about seeing The Illusionists at the Kennedy Center’s Opera House; after all, the stage was going to be shared […]

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