Feisty Old Jew

Charlie Varon in Feisty Old Jew. Click for tickets

Actor and performer Charlie Varon has a definite propensity when it comes to storytelling: a laidback and welcoming presence, a passionate mind full of churning ideas, and what a voice! Spanning mellow depths to squeaking highs and with diction to put Henry Higgins to shame, his rich range and control are made to bring classical […]

The Adventures of Tapman

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You know Batman and Spiderman and Ironman and Thor. Superman, Wonderwoman, the Hulk and Captain America. But do you recall, the most famous tap dancing superhero of all?


(l-r) Sasha Olinick, Carla Briscoe, Maggie Erwin and Liz Osborn (Photo: Teresa Castracane)

Growing up is painful. The body changes, the mind expands, and the heart, well, the heart tries to keep up with the strange horror show. And the world that looks on as this change occurs can often feel like a dangerous place, mysterious and cunning. Such is the mindset of Helen Pafumi’s Abominable, offering us […]

The Fever

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On days when I’m seeing a Fringe show, I generally put my button on when I get dressed in the morning and leave it on all day. It’s more convenient that way. Yesterday I was riding the Metro and a lady of a mighty age squeezed in next to me. She looked at my button. […]

Dani Girl, an unexpected story, a triumphant production


Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond know their way around a musical. Broadway performers like Patina Miller, Heidi Blickenstaff and Christopher Siebber know that and lined up to sing on their first album, Out of Our Heads. The Fred Ebb and Lorenz Hart/ASCAP Awards judges agree. And those of you who saw Orphie and the Book […]

Gidion’s Knot


Gidion’s Knot is a story of irredeemable grief. It is a story about the fragility of childhood, and whether it is the duty of parents to protect their children or to let them flower. It is a tale about artistic freedom, and whether it can have limits, and if so, what those limits are. In […]

The Veil


Is The Veil firstly a ghost story? Hard to say, but it is appareled in those trappings, and some fine creepy moments are conjured, too. Is it historical metaphor? One may be led to believe so, when connections seem to be made between the troubled lives of a family of English landowners and their unseen, […]

I Do! I Do!

Craig Laurie and Daniella Dalli.  (Photo: Nancy Anderson Cordell)

At home I have a souvenir program from the 1968 tour of I Do! I Do!. In Rochester, New York, that year, my parents saw Broadway greats Robert Preston and Mary Martin in Tom Jones’and Harvey Schmidt’s chronicle of a lengthy, traditional, upper-middle class marriage. It isn’t fair, in a small theater production, to expect […]

The Mutualistic Melody

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When three men’s lives unexpectedly become intertwined due to the suicide of a woman they unknowingly shared, human relationships are suddenly tested in a manner that none of them could have imagined.

An Evening with Danny Kaye


“You know, it took me ten years to become an overnight sensation,” quips the sensational Danny Kaye, the springy curls of his hair bouncing as he waltzes around the stage, kicking and laughing along with the audience.

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