Christopher Henley’s Arbitrary Topless List of Wonderfully Indelible Memories, 2015

Shortly after my twins (now three and a half) were born, I approached DCTS about writing for the site. Since I had been so closely associated with WSC Avant Bard and a few other local companies, I never wanted any reader to perceive a conflict of interest, so I requested that I focus on features. […]

Susan Galbraith’s Top 10, a celebration of Women’s Voices Theater Festival

I continue to celebrate the voices and the productions that were heard in Washington this Fall as part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival. Frankly, I’m also still mulling over the questions and the challenges that surfaced then and continue to send ripples through the community.

Jeff Walker’s Top 10 shows of 2015

Call me an old softy, but I get pretty sentimental during the holidays. As I look back on theatre for the year 2015, my cup runneth over with blessings – performers and productions that touched my heart, delved into my soul or sparked my imagination in a memorable and lasting way.

Ryan Taylor’s Top 10 shows of 2015

10. The Last Burlesque Produced by Pinky Swear Productions I’m partial to the work of prolific DC playwright Stephen Spotswood (I’ve produced and directed his work myself), and his story of an old-school burlesque troupe struggling to save their theatre features some of the sharpest characters and most layered storytelling of his career. It’s also […]

Shows from 2015 I’d pay top dollar to see again

I’m retired now as a critic and when I see a play it is generally as a civilian. In days of old, I might see upwards of a hundred fifty plays a year, and the experience was as commonplace for me as swatting mosquitoes or filing lawsuits. It became like going to an art gallery; […]

Rosalind Lacy’s Top 12 shows of 2015

Hispanic theatre bonds me to my family heritage. I was born in Los Angeles, California, with Latino roots that date back to Spain through the American southwest. I grew up in a decade on the brink of the Civil Rights movement in America. It was a time when it wasn’t cool to be Spanish or […]

Jonathan Mandell’s Top 10 NYC shows of 2015

My list of ten favorite shows on New York stages in 2015 tilt towards Broadway musicals – five out of “ten”  – which is in great contrast to my top ten lists last year and the year before. But the musicals of 2015 feel almost…revolutionary (and not just because of “Hamilton.”) Even some of those I […]

Steven McKnight’s Top 10 shows of 2015

10. Murder Ballad, Studio Theatre   Recent explorations of “immersive theatre” received a boost with this rock musical about a scorching love triangle headed for trouble. The four performers careened through the realistic bar setting (featuring full service drinks for patrons before and after the show), making special use of the pool table for the […]

Jayne Blanchard’s Top 10 shows of 2015

10. Macbeth Not a stage production per se but a movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s brutal tragedy directed by Justin Kurzel whose extraordinary clarity of vision brings this tale of cruelty and revenge to savage life. Intensely atmospheric, the film is almost entirely shot in the Scottish countryside—full of mist and fog and fen—and shows us […]

The Top 10 Realest Theater Awards You Won’t See at the Helen Hayes

1.  Most Emotionally Devastating Deaths by Inanimate Objects in A Play – Famous Puppet Death Scenes – Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Feel free to kick yourself if you missed this horrifyingly hilarious (or hilariously horrifying?) series of vignettes with various topics like domestic abuse, ecological disaster, failed romance, and German children’s television, but one commonality. […]

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