The fatal attraction of H20 at Rep Stage (review)

The devil need not be a red-skinned gent with a forked tail. He could be Jake Abadjian (Robbie Gay), a gorgeous and charismatic Hollywood star of the blockbuster Dawnwalker movies, playing an action hero who never speaks.

Synetic’s wordless Taming of the Shrew, take 2 (review)

A viscerally entertaining romp about a grieving woman tortured until she falls in love with her captor, Synetic’s wordless-Shakespeare adaptation of Taming of the Shrew is a quality showcase for the company’s famed high-energy theatrics. First produced in 2012, it returns to the stage with most of the original principal cast, a few updates to the […]

Great Expectations at Everyman Theatre (review)

Imagine a small boy in the bleak world of 19th-century England. His parents are dead; he is in the custody of his older sister, a harridan who is prone to gusts of even more extreme anger and her husband, a blacksmith. Hard days and poverty envelop their waking hours like the cold English fog, and […]

God of Carnage at Compass Rose (review)

There are many different types of laughter in a theater: Chuckles from slapstick, a knowledgeable laugh at word play… God of Carnage reaches into the audience, grabs hard, and drags out every last ounce of pained, awkward laughter as the cast wrecks each other in a living room demolition derby.

Riot Grrrls’ Trojan Women: in defeat, transcendence (review)

History, they say, is written by the victors, which may be one reason why Euripides’s The Trojan Women is such a striking piece. By focusing on the women of Troy in the time between the fall of the city and their being taken away to a life of slavery on Greek ships, a different side […]

Blues having its way with love. Blues in the Night at Creative Cauldron (review)

‘Tis the season to think about love, and whether you’ve got the “Dirty No-Gooder Blues,” are “Taking a Chance on Love” or you’re “Just a Lucky So-and-So” there’s a song that will speak to your heart in Creative Cauldron’s swinging production of Blues in Night.

Constellation’s Peter and the Starcatcher takes dazzling flight at Source (review)

Think of your favorite pop-up book as a kid: the bright colors, the interactive story, the giddy surprise of action leaping off the page. This feeling of childlike wonder drives Constellation Theatre Company’s ingenious production of Rick Elice’s Peter and the Starcatcher, a Peter Pan origin story bursting with full-throated song, high flying choreography, and […]

Oh, what a tyrant: Richard III at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (review)

The part of King Richard in Richard III is a plum for any actor lucky enough to be cast in the role. Part stand-up comic, part perennial outsider, and part moustache-twirling villain, Richard is equally delectable and murderous. Get a good Richard in any production, and you’re set: get someone who only sees the evil in […]

King Charles III at Shakespeare Theatre Company (review)

It is a bold writer who writes a history of the future. It is a bold writer who bathes his play in high Shakespearean language, replete with iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets. For doing both, can we say that Mike Bartlett is a man of brass?

Hip hop takes a fairy tale for a sci-fi spin in The Freshest Snow Whyte at Imagination Stage (review)

The Snow Whyte of the future is a lot doper than the one of the past. She’s also a lot more gender friendly and fiercer. The girl is no longer just a pretty face, thanks to The Freshest Snow Whyte at Imagination Stage, which puts a sci-fi spin on an old fairytale and infuses it […]

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