The family known as the award winning Pointless Theatre Company


“Shamelessly co-dependent is what we like to say.” So Patti Kalil, co-artistic director, describes Pointless Theatre.  She is sitting beside a brightly painted backdrop before rehearsal for the company’s next show, Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet – which has since opened and runs until May 3rd at the Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint.  She is […]

From a blown interview, Muraoka gets directing job for Once on This Island


Some phone calls you never forget. For Alan Muraoka, it was a call he took this winter from Olney Theatre’s artistic director Jason Loewith, who was interviewing him for the chance to direct Once on This Island, which has long-been a favorite musical of Muraoka’s. When he hung up the phone after the interview, one […]

With HAIR sold out, and new construction this summer, Keegan enters its own Age of Aquarius

Co-Artistic Directors of Keegan Theatre: Mark A. Rhea and Susan Marie Rhea

“This is our crowning achievement,” Mark A. Rhea told me the day after I had seen Hair at Keegan Theatre.  I saw the show on a Wednesday night, at one of the performances that had been added to a run extended through Apr. 27th.  The house was full and very enthusiastic. 

Tovah Feldshuh on playing Golda Meir

Tovah Feldshuh

“People love their mothers,” Tovah Feldshuh said. “Golda Meir is the full bodied, big breasted woman whose greatest love is the state of Israel. For one night, I can bring this mother of state back to life.”

Arguendo – Elevator Repair Service putting on the Supremes


Twelve Angry Men it is not. In that serious courtroom drama from the 1950s, twelve – yes, angry – sequestered jurors debate in real time the guilt or innocence of a man suspected of homocide. In Elevator Repair Service’s Arguendo, running at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company through April 27, five actors portray lawyers, court clerks, […]

Chimes at Midnight with Stacy Keach, Week 5


In this installment, Stacy shares some memories about his performance as King Lear, and on the differences – as well as one big similarity – between Lear and Falstaff. The answers might surprise you. – DL

Jack Marshall on producing the primal scream of the 50s and more works from the great American century

Jack Marshall, Artistic Director of American Century Theater

There are a lot of theaters in and around this city.  Many have identities and missions that overlap, or that may even be seen as indistinguishable from one another.  The American Century Theater (TACT) is not one of those theaters.  Its mission is crystal clear.  It does American plays written in the 20th century.   If […]

Chimes at Midnight with Stacy Keach, Week 4


We had our invited dress rehearsal of Part 2 last Sunday. For those of you who don’t know, putting on a repertory is a long and complicated process. First, you have to have a tech period and dress rehearsal of one show – we did that with Part 1 two weeks ago. Then you tech and build up to the dress rehearsal for Part 2. Now we go back to previews of Part 1, and we’ll open that show on April 15. That will run for three nights as we work out the kinks and then open Part 2 on April 18. Confused? So am I. I just show up and hit my mark. It’s one of the good things about being an actor.

After 60 years, Hal Holbrook still finding new truths from Mark Twain


Hal Holbrook Tonight:  “People say to me, you must be tired of doing it.  I’m not tired of it!  It’s what gets me out of bed, what fires me up for the day, is this old man’s telling the truth.  I can’t wait to get out there and do it, because there’s too many people […]

Finding Peace Richard Thomas and Ron Rifkin Team Up For Historic Look at Camp David

Ron Rifkin as Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Richard Thomas as U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Khaled Nabawy as Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in the world premiere historical drama Camp David at Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater, (Photo: Tony Powell)

At the age of 7, Richard Thomas made his Broadway debut playing the son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Sunrise at Campobello. Now, 56 years later, the veteran actor will be starring as a POTUS of his own, playing Jimmy Carter in Arena Stage’s world premiere of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright’s Camp David.

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