Solas Nua returns to theatre producing with an inventive production of Wild Sky

Rex Daugherty, the new Artistic Director of Solas Nua’s theatrical productions, wanted to plan something original for his first season. Not only did he come up with a play that’s different, and became the first American theatre company to produce the Irish play, but the company is performing it in a way that’s fairly unique. […]

A glowing baby is just the beginning. Randy Baker discusses The Electric Baby

DC native Stefanie Zadravec is a resident playwright at New Dramatists in New York City, and over the last seven years, has seen her star rise with a Helen Hayes Award for the 2009 staging of Honey Brown Eyes at Theater J and as the recipient of the 2013 Francesca Primus Prize for her play, The Electric […]

On 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s demise, companies break out the death scenes

In one way, Hamilton Clancy has outlived William Shakespeare, who died 400 years ago this week at the age of 52. Clancy is older than that. But Clancy has also died many times, and it’s all thanks to the Bard. “My very first death was easy: Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet,” says Clancy. “I died […]

Folger sent RSC out to find the Grail. Found it! Shakespeare’s long lost first play

Here’s a fun game: Stop someone on the street and ask them to name a play – any play.  I’ll give you 10-1 odds that they name one of the works of Shakespeare. The reason? They’re everywhere.

Andrew Lippa on God, bigotry and writing and playing Harvey Milk

Passionate. That’s the word that comes to mind listening to Andrew Lippa discussing I Am Anne Hutchinson/I Am Harvey Milk. There’s a breathless intensity to everything he says. It all matters.

Sid Davis, eyewitness to LBJ’s defining moments, on All the Way

To memories dulled by the passage of time, Lyndon Johnson seems like a bumptious interloper on the smooth passage between Jack Kennedy’s understated elegance and Richard Nixon’s dark suasions. He seems undereducated, flat-footed and trite, overmatched and undone by the Viet Nam war. We think of him as a minor character, pitiable, perhaps. Robert Schenkkan […]

Shayna Blass in Mystery of Love and Sex: sometimes a character just speaks to you

In The Mystery of Love & Sex, currently playing Signature Theatre, it’s quickly established that long-time friends Charlotte and Jonny share a love that’s deep and special, but is it “love” love or is it more of the kind of connection that comes from having been friends for half of their lives?

Annalisa Dias on How Theater Can Change the World

I have yet to come across a theater artist who dreams bigger than Annalisa Dias. She has facilitated and studied theater on several continents. She has produced, directed, dramaturged, devised, designed and performed in a plethora of productions on DC stages. Not only has she done all of these things, but she has developed and is […]

Paige Hathaway on The Pillowman’s freaky, strange set

The Pillowman from Martin McDonagh has been a hot play for more than a decade, catapulting its author to major film writing gigs and international stardom. A local version from Forum Theatre, due to its early announced powerhouse cast of Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, James Konicek, Bradley Foster Smith and now Jim Jorgensen has been my pick of […]

Critic lands role in Diary of Anne Frank, now at Compass Rose

There’s a saying: All roads eventually lead home. Though as Moses found out, that journey can sometimes take a few decades longer than expected. It all started innocently enough.

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