He’s deeply in love with its score. Director Peter Kazaras talks about La boheme


We are sitting in the chic white leather Russian Room at The Kennedy Center during a rehearsal break. Director Peter Kazaras has brought his bound score and throughout our conversation pours through it, reeling off Italian while getting into each character, getting me to look at the score, handling it like it’s his Bible. It’s […]

Caleen Sinnette Jennings on her hip hop play Not Enuf Lifetimes, opening this week


Caleen Sinnette Jennings was describing what had inspired her latest play. One of the things she mentioned was a white college-age son of her friend  telling her, “If a hip hop candidate ever ran, I’d vote for him.” Processing that declaration, she noted how much different hip hop culture and values are from baby boomer […]

The creators of the zombie experience DC Dead talk with Chris Henley


“We’re calling it a ‘zombie survival experience.’” I was talking to Rex Daugherty, one of the creators and directors of DC Dead, which is also described as an “interactive theatre quest.” Daugherty termed it “full immersive theatre meets haunted house meets live action video game. It’s kind of its own thing. I don’t know of […]

Up Close: Sherry Berg on playing the doodle in Sylvia


It’s a dog’s life for Sherry Berg. Well, not really, but as she pointed out recently, when she is hired by NextStop Theatre Company, she goes to the dogs. Currently, she is the title role in A. R. Gurney’s four-person comedy Sylvia. “It’s my second show at NextStop. Last year at this time I was […]

Up Close look at Our War at Arena Stage

The cast of Our War (Photo: Teresa Wood)

When I first found out about Our War at Arena Stage, I was fascinated. The production is massive in scale, a conglomeration of monologues about and reacting to the Civil War, spanning more than 100 years over 25 monologues, each written by a different playwright.

Close Up of Sex with Strangers stars Holly Twyford and Luigi Sottile


“Intimate and intelligent” is how Laura Eason’s Sex with Strangers has been described. And, yes, it’s about sex. But according to actors Luigi Sottile and Holly Twyford, that only scratches the surface.

Tom Story talks with Chris Henley about Wolfe Twins


“I fell in love with it instantly when I read it. There is something about it that I connected to emotionally.” Tom Story has a sister. Not only in real life, but also in The Wolfe Twins, the world premiere of which had its official opening yesterday at Studio Theatre. Story and I spoke a […]

Personal tributes to actor Ralph Cosham. Memorial service announced.

Michael Tolaydo and Ralph Cosham in The Real Inspector Hound, MetroStage (2011)

Ralph Cosham, one of the busiest, best regarded, and best loved of local actors, died on September 30th. Anyone who frequents our stages will have seen him numerous times and will be a great admirer of his work. He was 78 years old and had battled heart problems for several years. John Dow, a close […]

Aaron Kubey, directing ASL for musical Visible Language

Aaron Kubey, Visible Language's Director of Artistic Signing (Photo courtesy of WSC Avant Bard)

A musical that incorporates American Sign Language poses some challenges, but when done correctly, makes for a wondrous and memorable production. That’s sure to be the case when the WSC Avant Bard Theatre presents Visible Language, a world premiere musical about the 1890s culture war that changed the life of every deaf person in America.

Up close with Fetch Clay, Make Man stars Roscoe Orman and Eddie Ray Jackson


During the turbulent years of the Civil Rights Era, two men forged an unlikely friendship. Former movie star Lincoln Perry was better known in his heyday as the comical, stereotypical caricature of a black man, Stepin Fetchit. By the mid-1960s, Perry was hardly remembered and if he was, it was with derision or as the […]

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