Rehearsing Dead Man Walking: Week 3, focus on Sister Helen’s Journey

How will Director Francesca Zambello accompany her singer’s journey on the dark and lonely path of playing the nun who befriended a convicted killer and witnessed his execution?  This is what I wondered while  watching Kate Lindsey prepare her Washington National Opera debut in the lead role of Sister Helen Prejean in Dead Man Walking.

Robert Joy puts TV and film career on hold for role of a lifetime in King Charles III

“This role — and this play — lifts off the Earth. It flies in a certain way. It’s such a great role and a great play.” Robert Joy, who has had a remarkable career in theatre, film, and television, was talking to me about his title role in King Charles III.

Rehearsing Dead Man Walking: digging deeper in Week 2

I am being given an intimate look inside the rehearsal rooms of Washington National Opera’s Dead Man Walking under the direction of WNO’s Artistic Director Francesca Zambello. This report marks the end of Week 2 of rehearsals. Starting Monday, we are barely two weeks away from its opening night, February 25th.

Bryer puts her hooks in Constellation’s Peter and the Starcatcher

When director Kathryn Chase Bryer saw Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway five years ago, she was blown away by how it created stage images in such a minimalistic way. Now her version, in which she is able to extend the Broadway version in an intimate venue, opens at Constellation Theatre this weekend.

Chronicling Washington National Opera’s Dead Man Walking: Rehearsals begin

A rare inside look at the making of an opera. Washington National Opera’s Artistic Director Francesca Zambello invited Susan Galbraith to sit in on rehearsals of Dead Man Walking. This is her first report.

Holly Twyford on being Edward Albee’s Martha at Ford’s Theatre

“When I leave here, I will try not to talk for the rest of the day.” It was 9:30am when I met Holly Twyford for a chat about the rigors of playing Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, her current role and one of the most demanding in the American theatre. The production runs […]

Expressing the Inexpressible: Clare Barron on her play, Baby Screams Miracle

Woolly Mammoth’s dark comedy Baby Screams Miracle by Clare Barron blurs the lines between the bizarre and the normal, exploring family, religion, and how we cope with hard times. Sarah Scafidi sat down with Clare to talk about her inspiration for the play and her hopes for the American theatre: Sarah Scafidi: Tell me about Baby […]

Tom Stoppard’s Hard Problem. Insights from the director and playwright

Tom Stoppard’s newest play The Hard Problem refers to philosopher David Chalmer’s “hard problem” of how to explain consciousness.  Science can explain how our brains perceive sensations like pain, but not why we feel emotions like sadness.  How do we explain our consciousness? Why are humans different from a monkey or a machine?  The play’s protagonist, […]

Daven Ralston adds musical flavor to Folger’s Cajun stew of an As You Like It

Actor and musician Daven Ralston glows when she talks about connecting with people through music. An accomplished pianist and violinist, Ralston is performing in Folger Theatre’s production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. 

Keegan welcomes young audiences with Hamlette

Keegan Theatre’s new Theatre for Young Audiences program, PLAY-RAH-KA, opens its second production, Hamlette by Allison K Williams, directed by Ricky Drummond, this Saturday at 11 am for four performances through February 11th. 

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