Allee Willis: how a Motown writer got her first Broadway gig: The Color Purple

Allee Willis has a special interest in the cast album of the Broadway revival of The Color Purple that will be released on February 12th. She wrote the music and lyrics, along with two fellow songwriters, Brenda Russell and Stephen Bray.

At Source, a cast reunion: Equus 1982 and Equus 2016

“That play and that experience — what’s that lovely word? Seminal.” Actor Kryztov Lindquist was talking about Equus.

With Septime Webre’s exit, Washington Ballet faces challenges

Washington was abuzz this past weekend with the announcement Friday afternoon that The Washington Ballet’s longtime Artistic Director, Septime Webre, is leaving his post at the end of his current contract.

Stephen Sondheim talks about Road Show, opening at Signature Theatre

Road Show by Stephen Sondheim opens next week at Signature Theatre. Mark Horowitz caught up with Mr. Sondheim this past weekend to talk about the musical’s 23 year journey which brings us up to the audience’s first look as director Gary Griffin’s production on February 16.

Rajiv Joseph’s Guards at the Taj talk extreme beauty & extreme violence

Plays about extreme Beauty always seem to contain extreme ugliness. Woolly Mammoth’s newest offering, the off-Broadway smash and award-winning straight play Guards at the Taj, is no exception.

Stephen Gregory Smith and Matt Conner on new Monsters musical and Helen Hayes nominations

On Monday night, we learned that Stephen Gregory Smith and Matt Conner and the cast of The Turn of the Screw received Helen Hayes director’s nominations for the Creative Cauldron production. They responded:

UpClose: Gassan Abbas on performing I Shall Not Hate

Palestinian-Israeli actor Gassan Abbas carries I Shall Note Hate, produced by Mosaic Theater Company of DC in residence at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, alone on  his shoulders.

OLIVERio: Felicia Curry takes on role reversal for Dickens’ character

Despite being one of the area’s go-to talents for mature-themed productions—netting her four Helen Hayes nominations in the process—Felicia Curry has always had a soft spot in her heart for children’s theater. That’s why for every Les Miserables or Color Purple role she takes on, she makes sure to add a Willy Wonka or Barbie: […]

UpClose with Ed Dixon, Georgie: a rose and its thorns

“If you didn’t witness it in person, it’s difficult to grasp what it really was. That’s something I’m trying to wrestle with in this piece.” I was speaking to Ed Dixon, who wrote and is performing Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose at Signature Theatre through February 7th. He was describing that elusive element called […]

Letting ladies lead: Stone Tape Party Remix revealed by Angela Kay Pirko

I am sure this statement – and the following article –  will come as a complete shock to absolutely everyone who knows me or who has seen my work before: I am a feminist. I’ll give us all a moment to pick our jaws up off the floor before continuing.

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