There’s something about Mary (Poppins, that is)


As a young child, Maura Hogan was somewhat obsessed with Mary Poppins, watching the movie over and over the way kids today watch Frozen or The Avengers. “I used to watch it all the time. I knew the whole movie and could recite it backwards and forwards,” she says. “It was a key part of […]

Quotidian’s Hedda Gabler – did the critics get it wrong? The director speaks out


Michael Avolio, director of Quotidian Theatre Company’s currently running production of Hedda Gabler, spoke with DCTS’s Christopher Henley recently by e-mail about the production and its reception.

A brush with Sondheim at Saturday Night, Musicals in Mufti

the young composer Stephen Sondheim

This is a little bonus notice, because it was a rare showing of Stephen Sondheim’s very first musical, written when he was in his early twenties. Twin brothers Julius and Philip Epstein, had delivered a comedy to Broadway, Chicken Every Sunday, in 1944 and had subsequently written “Casablanca” for the screen, for which they’d received […]

Playwright Mickle Maher on Happiness


“This is the first play I wrote after writing about George Bush and John Kerry [The Strangerer], an unsexy play in which I had to spend time with characters who were unsympathetic. I wanted to flush that out of my system and write about sex – middle aged sex and love and death. Things that […]

At Theater J, a revealing talk with Tony Kushner


Correction to this original article: The event was a benefit for the Morris Cafritz Center for the Arts at the DCJCC, which includes the literary department, music department, film department and Theater J. More info about the whole center for the arts is here: —————————— Since the DC area is filled with non-profits, charities, […]

Robert O’Hara reinvents Five Guys Named Moe for Arena Stage


When director Robert O’Hara (The Mountaintop, resident playwright at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company) was presented with the opportunity to take on Arena Stage’s upcoming production of Five Guys Named Moe, he pondered how he could make the 1992 Tony-nominated musical his own.

Rarely performed John Cage Theatre Piece gets free performance


It’s funny that, as influential and as storied as the experimental theatre of the 1950s and 1960s is, it remains, for the most part, lore — something you read about, think about, but don’t experience. I don’t know of any theatre company that has tried to revive Dionysus in ’69. Even the pieces that have […]

He’s mad for musicals. Now Charlie Fink is NRTC’s RuleBreaker of the year


On Monday night, October 27th, the lobby of Woolly Mammoth Theatre was mobbed and moving among the crowd in a blue checked shirt, outstretched hand ready to welcome each person, was the man of the moment. He knew he was there on No Rules Theatre Company’s gala evening to receive an award. Little did he […]

Folger’s Julius Caesar, a play for today. Chris Henley talks with Robert Richmond, and actors Anthony Cochrane and Louis Butelli

Robert Richmond, back at Folger, directing Julius Caesar

“I took the play and read it on Memorial Day in Arlington Cemetery. It was a very significant read, that day. I thought, this was the cost. We are continuing to cycle through the same problems that this Roman moment seemed to bring up.”

He’s deeply in love with its score. Director Peter Kazaras talks about La boheme


We are sitting in the chic white leather Russian Room at The Kennedy Center during a rehearsal break. Director Peter Kazaras has brought his bound score and throughout our conversation pours through it, reeling off Italian while getting into each character, getting me to look at the score, handling it like it’s his Bible. It’s […]

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