The Hard Problem

Presented by Studio Theatre

Opens 2017-01-11
Closes 2017-02-26

Studio Theatre - Metheny Theatre

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1 hour, 45 minutes, no intermission
$20 - $85

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Box Office:  202.332.3300
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The Hard Problem
by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Matt Torney


London critics have raved about The Hard Problem, the latest from Tom Stoppard, writer of Arcadia and Shakespeare in Love.

Hailed by the The Daily Mail as “100 minutes of brilliant brainache,” Stoppard’s searing drama centers on Hilary, a young psychology researcher at a brain science institute who is haunted by a single theory: If there is nothing but matter, what is consciousness? As Hilary attempts to break down the components of this “hard problem,” she finds herself up against her lover (and academic mentor) in a fight to defend the soul, altruism and even religion from modern science. Watch psychology and biology collide in this provocative drama.

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