Exciting. Electric. Enchanting. Ella Enchanted at Adventure Theatre MTC (review)

Being obedient and doing as one is told are usually good traits instilled in the earliest ages and rewarded with parental approval and societal regard.  When obedience is compelled without choice or reason, however, that can become an unbearable curse, as seen in the delightfully creative Ella Enchanted showing at Adventure Theatre MTC.   

Jeff Walker’s Top 10 shows of 2015

Call me an old softy, but I get pretty sentimental during the holidays. As I look back on theatre for the year 2015, my cup runneth over with blessings – performers and productions that touched my heart, delved into my soul or sparked my imagination in a memorable and lasting way.

Oliver! The Musical from Adventure Theatre MTC (review)

Oliver! The Musical is an ambitious undertaking blending top young talent with seasoned professionals on a prestigious stage, and man does it pop and zing!   Director Joseph Ritsch brings the story to life with a gritty realism. There’s no spoonful of sugar to help any of these real life traumas go down. Dickens is gothic […]

Jacqueline E. Lawton: adapting Wizard of Oz and what’s next

After a performance of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that my family attended, my daughter walked into the lobby where the actors were waiting to greet the audience. She walked up to one of them and embraced her. Sure, in my book, that is about the best review the show could get. The actual press […]

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