Fire and the Rain, Constellation stages ancient Indian poem (review)

How epic is the source material for The Fire and The Rain, the newest North American premiere of South Asian drama at Constellation Theater? Literally, the most epic.


There is more swishing than swashbuckling in the latest Constellation Theatre Company production of Scapin, but all is delivered with such juicy enthusiasm and at such daredevil speed that the whole proved a riotous good evening of fun.


Who knew art history could be so riveting, dangerous, and fun? Constellation Theatre Company tackles Naomi Iizuka’s mind-bending play 36 Views in a kaleidoscopic journey through ancient Asian culture and black market intrigue that must be seen to be believed.

Join Constellation in a trip through space and time next season

Constellation Theatre Company will do plays set in contemporary Japan, 17th-century Paris and ancient Greece in its three-production 2013-2014 season, the company announced yesterday.


The mythmakers at Constellation Theatre Company, who previously produced The Ramayana, The Green Bird, and Metamorphoses, have now gone after the world’s oldest story. Gilgamesh, the ancient Mesopotamian tale of a king’s quest to defeat death, teaches that death is eternal; the production relishes in the fact that legends are, too. The epic resurrects looking […]


As any fan of Fifty Shades of Grey will tell you, chicks dig guys in black masks. Before Christian Grey, the Dark Knight and other masked morsels, there was Zorro, who also had a way with a sword and a whip, no double-entendres intended. First appearing in 1919 in the pulp-fiction tale The Curse of Capistrano, […]

Z! – Would Constellation do an old school Zorro? Of course not!

Zorro is back – dressed all in black, sword at the ready to defend the weak. But there’s a twist. “It’s a Zorro for today,” said Eleanor Holdridge. “This is a grown-up, darker version. We wanted this play to be for Zorro what “The Dark Knight” is to Batman.”

Taking Steps

Constellation Theatre Company’s impeccably cast production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Taking Steps delivers buckets full of laughs. A clever twist of a British farce, the show is presented at Source on 14th Street, NW through October 7.


Everybody in the pool! It’s a pool party of a sublimely archetypal sort in Constellation Theatre’s entrancing staging of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses, directed with flair and a fanciful air by Allison Arkell Stockman.

Shirley Serotsky on directing Blood Wedding

— Shirley Serotsky has been directing theatre in DC for ten years, at the helm of projects with Theater J, Keegan Theatre, Washington Shakespeare Company, The Hub Theatre, and others. Her new production of Blood Wedding, produced by Constellation Theatre Company, takes the beloved Spanish romance in new directions. Serotsky spoke with DC Theatre Scene […]

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