Ford’s Christmas Carol continues its tradition with a commanding Craig Wallace as Scrooge (review)

For youngsters growing up in the DC area, chances are the Ford’s Theatre production of A Christmas Carol was one of the shows they experienced. Since this year marks the 35th anniversary of the perennial offering at the historic theatre, that means an entire generation of theatre-goers have been introduced to the magic of Christmas […]

Personal stories of hope after 9/11 from Broadway-bound Come From Away

Just announced:  Come From Away has secured Broadway’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre where it will open for previews February 18, 2017. Come From Away, a new musical at Ford’s Theatre, tells of how the small town of Gander on an isolated island in Newfoundland took in almost 7,000 stranded strangers, or “Come From Aways,” for a week […]

Come From Away shines light on little-known 9/11 story (review)

There’s a certain somber and sober tone you expect from shows about disasters. Representations of recent genocides or terrorist attacks especially take on an almost religious nature, a hushed sacrality where emotional highs can only be wrenching and painful. Not so for East Coast premiere 9/11 musical Come from Away, a toe-tapping Stomp and Holler affair […]

My won’t-miss shows for this season

If you’re like me, you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, filled out your budget for the next fiscal year, and made arrangements for your final repose after The Event Which Awaits Us All occurs. Now it’s time for something much more difficult: planning your theater season.

Honoring the Helen Hayes nominees: Craig Wallace, actor and director

It is an extraordinary thing to commit yourself to work in theater despite the long hours and low pay. Why do people do it? This is the third in our series highlighting this year’s Helen Hayes nominees: their work, their life, their art, their passion.

Marcia Milgrom Dodge’s 110 in the Shade at Ford’s Theatre (review)

Having seen and been touched by nearly every version of this story that’s out there, I wondered what yet another iteration would reveal, and I discovered, well plenty! The creative casting and dynamic direction and choreography by Marcia Milgrom Dodge bring the story to life with cultural twists and turns.

Holly Twyford lands iconic role in Ford’s Theatre season lineup

Holly Twyford will reach another milestone in her notable career as a Washington actor when she tackles the role of Martha in Edward Albee’s masterpiece, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, as part of Ford Theatre’s 4-production season next year.

Tracy Lynn Olivera on her starring role in 110 in the Shade

There’s a line in the musical 110 in the Shade where the central character, Lizzie Curry, describes her perfect husband: “I want him to stand up straight—and I want to be able to stand up straight to him!” It’s a very telling description from the character, as Lizzie is not your typical ingénue.

Madeleine Potter adds to her “weird tribe” playing Amanda Wingfield in Glass Menagerie

“This is my first role in a Tennessee Williams play, but it’s true that I’ve been told that I should play Blanche since I was thirteen. God knows what that means. But, having played him now, I long to do all the rest of him. It’s such a joy to do his plays.”

Glass Menagerie at Ford’s Theatre (review)

The narrator clues us in at the outset that what we’ll be watching are the shadows of memories. This “truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion” are Tom’s sheltered remembrances of the last days spent with his fragile sister Laura and desperately grasping mother Amanda before abandoning them to their wretched fate.

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