Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight

So what do you scream out in the throes of ecstasy? Should a person get a freedom-to-express pass even when the turn-on becomes racially or otherwise offensive? Is nasty necessarily exciting? Keegan’s new play asks us to take a look at our most secret desires, and, as it spills out intimate details about bedroom mores, […]

With HAIR sold out, and new construction this summer, Keegan enters its own Age of Aquarius

“This is our crowning achievement,” Mark A. Rhea told me the day after I had seen Hair at Keegan Theatre.  I saw the show on a Wednesday night, at one of the performances that had been added to a run extended through Apr. 27th.  The house was full and very enthusiastic. 


Flower power is in full bloom at the Keegan Theatre and it’s pretty damn groovy. Keegan Theatre on Church Street NW has been transformed into a hippie’s paradise, like a found loft in the East Village, appointed with mismatched furniture, rope swings, and cozy grottos where love is love and love-making is always a possibility.

Hair at Keegan – Exclusive rehearsal photos

I was lucky enough to sit in on the first few hours of tech for Keegan Theatre’s upcoming production of Hair. For any show, the first day of tech is a giant leap: The work lights are turned off, the stage lights are turned on. The cast gets a first taste of what it is […]

The Best Man

With midterm elections still months away and the 2016 presidential tilt lurking in the distance, it’s a perfect time to step back and consider the bloodsport that is the American political campaign. In its bracing production of Gore Vidal’s The Best Man, Keegan Theatre has staged an all-too-real political clash between between two polar opposites […]

An Irish Carol

The fine actor Matthew J. Keenan recontextualizes Dickens’ Christmas Carol in this play, and his company, Keegan Theatre, is producing it for the third consecutive year. Keenan, a native of Ireland who has no other playwriting credits, has written an honest piece of work, which takes no shortcuts in its effort to achieve an authentic […]

a haunting Woman in Black

Theatre is a form of therapy and horror is a form of release – taking us to the outer unexplored edges of our minds. Terror and theatre can unleash internal beasts we’d like to ignore. But ignore them and suffer the consequences.

The Sunshine Boys

Comedy is a lot like music, constantly evolving according to tastes, culture, and age.  Ask your grandmother who the best comedian around is; it’s doubtful she’ll respond with “Aziz Ansari” or “Louis C. K.”  (If your grandmother would indeed respond in such a way, congratulations on having the hippest grandmother.) But while tastes may change, […]

Theatre too expensive? Ask a sports fan

Many of us crave the excitement and immediacy that comes from a really memorable live experience. Sports fans dream of making the pilgrimage to a World Series game, an NBA final series, a Stanley Cup game, a championship boxing match, or most hallowed of all, football’s Super Bowl. While I actually do love seeing talented […]

Sorkin’s military drama, A Few Good Men, gets an extended run

Keegan Theatre Company announced that, due to box office demand, they have extended the run of Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men for an additional week. The Jeremy Skidmore directed drama onstage at the Keegan Theatre is now set to close September 14th. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. […]

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