Little Dancer at The Kennedy Center


The long-anticipated musical, The Little Dancer, made its official world premiere at the Kennedy Center last week, and its star dazzled the opening night audience whose applause, at several points, nearly stopped the show.

The Gift of Nothing, a great child’s gift at the Kennedy Center


We’re truly blessed to have such sharp talents right here in D.C., who can take a comic strip and whip it up into a classy, pleasant children’s musical seemingly effortlessly. While The Gift of Nothing, commissioned by and having its world premiere at The Kennedy Center, will probably not enter the canon of classic children’s […]

What makes an opera sing?

boheme caffritz2

Two different casts, two different audiences, two different experiences for La bohème What makes an opera sing? There are so many elements that must come together in this art form. Even within a single production, with different casts, (often the case at Washington National Opera as other opera companies) or even on different evenings with […]

Washington National Opera’s La bohème


Giacomo Puccini’s abiding tale of tragic love proved its unassailable endurance as the Washington National Opera’s restrained, ashen La bohème received an enthusiastic standing ovation at the Kennedy Center on opening night.

Faith Prince in Barbara Cook’s Spotlight

Faith Prince

Memory is a powerful thing in music. When I was young, one of my first exposures to musical theatre was the 1993 Broadway revival cast recording of Guys and Dolls. Mostly known for introducing an unsuspecting world to the force of nature that is Nathan Lane, its highly colorful, stylish take on the Damon Runyon […]

Restaurant review: Roof Terrace Restaurant at The Kennedy Center


With its grand tiers and stately marble, The Kennedy Center stands as a central feature of the D.C. waterfront landscape. A living memorial to President John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy Center serves as a national performing arts center for the many theatrical and musical expressions alive in America. Seeing a show at the KC, for Washingtonians […]

He’s deeply in love with its score. Director Peter Kazaras talks about La boheme


We are sitting in the chic white leather Russian Room at The Kennedy Center during a rehearsal break. Director Peter Kazaras has brought his bound score and throughout our conversation pours through it, reeling off Italian while getting into each character, getting me to look at the score, handling it like it’s his Bible. It’s […]

Doktor Kaboom: LIVE WIRE! The Electricity Tour


Never were truer words spoken than when the blonde boy to my right turned to his friend and whispered, “This is so cool!” Entering the stage to rap music reminiscent of an early 1980’s gem and exiting to Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science,” Doktor Kaboom—the brainchild of actor and comedian David Epley—is a […]

Little Dancer releases its first video


Sit in on the “Meet and Greet” at the NEW 42nd Street Studios as director/choreographer Susan Stroman, the designers and choreographers talk through their concepts for Little Dancer. The new Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty musical opens at the Kennedy Center October 25 and runs through November 30. Tickets are on sale now.

Going to the Kennedy Center? Try these dining spots


The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is the seat of power for entertainment in Washington, D.C. As a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy Center furthers America’s “contribution to the human spirit” with an all-encompassing performance schedule as well as enrichment programs for emerging and established artists. But it can often […]

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