Get Used To It! from Rainbow Theatre Project (review)

Before Orlando, this show meant something different. Before that tragedy, a mere two weeks ago – just two days after Rainbow Theatre Project opened Get Used To It! – it would have been easy to think of this 20-song revue as a quaint history lesson, a peek back at the political fights and personal communities […]

Jeff Walker’s Top 10 shows of 2015

Call me an old softy, but I get pretty sentimental during the holidays. As I look back on theatre for the year 2015, my cup runneth over with blessings – performers and productions that touched my heart, delved into my soul or sparked my imagination in a memorable and lasting way.

Paula Vogel’s The Oldest Profession (review)

Years ago, when Storyville, the famous red light district of New Orleans was closing down, Mayor Martin Behrman said this about prostitution: “You can make it illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular.” Whores with hearts of gold, noble courtesans, and clever “dance-hall hostesses” have been strutting their stuff on stage to the delight of […]

Rainbow Theatre stages free concert version of Yank! the musical tonight

Yank!, the musical by brothers Joseph and David Zellnik which Richard Seff predicted would have a long life after its NY debut in 2010, has finally made it to DC thanks to The Rainbow Theatre Project. 

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