Slings and Arrows: Season 2:04 “Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair”

Geoffrey: “Henry, just a quick note before you go back out… you’re fired.” Henry: “On what basis?” Geoffrey: “Well, I could just say that I don’t like you, but that isn’t really specific enough and this is all about specifics, isn’t it? So, the truth is, I don’t like you, and I don’t like your […]

Slings and Arrows: Season 2:03: “Rarer Monsters”

“Theatre is a war…the actors are the ones on the front line.” – Ellen

Slings and Arrows: Season 2:02 “Fallow Time”

Henry: “‘It is the bloody business which informs. Thus to mine eyes.’ Now, shall we get along with our own ‘bloody business’?” (company laughs) Oliver: “He’s gotten better with age.” Geoffrey: “Fuck you.”

Slings and Arrows, Season 2:01 “Season’s End”

Geoffrey: “Actors should be frightened for their lives…that’s when they do their best work.” Richard: “Really? That’s just like normal people!”

Slings and Arrows: Season 1 ends with Playing the Swan

Geoffrey: “Critics are gonna murder us. Jack’s an American movie star, that’s all they care about, right?” Richard: “They can’t ignore what happened on this stage tonight!” Geoffrey: “What did happen, exactly?” Richard: “I…I don’t know! This is all new to me!” Geoffrey: “Then please, join us again! We do eight shows a week, matinees […]

Joe Orton’s Loot at Westport Country Playhouse

If you’ve been contemplating a summer visit to lower New England for some swell weather, beautiful rain nourished greenery and even good theatre, you might consider an afternoon or evening at the fabled Westport Country Playhouse in Westport, Connecticut. This completely refurbished old barn has been offering new plays and splendid revivals, often with the […]

Slings and Arrows Season 1:05 A Mirror Up to Nature

“There is one thing…I just happen to believe this play is the single greatest achievement in Western art. We’ve got that going for us.” – Geoffrey

DC Loves Dilla 2013

Seldom as a writer do I get the pleasure of covering an event I enjoy as much as the DC Loves Dilla Benefit Concert. The benefit concert which is in its eighth year honors world renowed rapper and super producer James Dewitt Yancey better known as Jay Dee or J Dilla. Dilla is best known […]

Slings and Arrows: Season 1:04 Outrageous Fortune

May: “Geoffrey just fired Darren.” Anna: “Oh God. I have such mixed feelings about that.”

Slings and Arrows: Season 1:03 Madness in Great Ones

“Actors! You’re all the same! You’re all a bunch of selfish, whiny children! Well fuck you all! Fuck off, you fuckers!” – Maria

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