My don’t-miss dramas this season

Stephen Adly Guirgis

On August 20th, DC Theatre Scene spoke at the Smithsonian Museum’s Ripley Center. Senior writer Tim Treanor talked about some of the shows he was looking forward to next season. Below is what he said (more or less) about dramas.

DC Theatre Scene celebrates its tenth year

American Century production of Emperor Jones, 2005

Ten Years and Counting, DC Theatre Scene is Still Going Strong One June evening in 2005, a woman named Noelle Wilson walks into the Gunston Arts Center’s Theater II to watch a production of The American Century Theater’s The Emperor Jones. She watches ATC’s take on the seldom-produced O’Neill play, notes the performances of Bus […]

Politicos get in on the act at STC’s Will on the Hill 2015

Brandon Uranowitz and  Samira Wiley with STC Artistic Director Michael Kahn (Photo: Kevin Allen)

We are all actors, but none more so than our public representatives. It is one thing to invite the wind to blow and crack its cheeks, but quite another to introduce legislation which would actually make the wind do that, in the name of climate change. Or: it takes a fine actor to play Proteus […]

Tartuffe at Shakespeare Theatre Company: brilliant and shocking (review)

Sofia Jean Gomez as Elmire and Steven Epp as Tartuffe in the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of Molière’s Tartuffe (Photo:  Scott Suchman)

I don’t often think about blasphemy. Neither do most of you, I’d hazard to guess. But if you see the production of Molière’s Tartuffe now playing at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, you will be forced to think about it. And we should, given that people are being murdered in its name globally, along with the […]

Stage Briefs by Keith Loria


A roundup of some of this week’s theatrical news and notes from Disney’s Newsies, DC Black Theatre Festival, Will on the Hill from Shakespeare Theatre Company, Wolftrap, Synetic Theater and Happenstance Theater.

Warlow and company deliver a stunning Man of La Mancha

Nehal Joshi as Sancho and Anthony Warlow as Don Quixote (Photo: Scott Suchman)

What object best represents Man of La Mancha, the newly opened musical at Shakespeare Theater Company? Maybe a stylish and well-fitting pair of jeans with rivets on the seams. Perhaps a classic Chrysler LeBaron with shiny wheel spokes and smooth pseudo-wood panel on the side. Or Man of La Mancha could be a fine bottle […]

Metromaniacs. Don’t disburse. This one’s a first review in terse verse


The Shakespeare Theatre has brought back David Ives to instill some archaic French literature in our lives.

Lessons for the White House from Macbeth sequel Dunsinane


The question of the year for theatre wonks has been answered: Does the sequel hold up to the original? We’ve waited a long time for this particular answer — for more than four hundred years. That’s even longer than anyone’s waited for the follow-up from Harper Lee. With the opening on Tuesday night of the […]

Lights, Sound, Costumes, Puppets! Designers speak about STC’s The Tempest


When most audience members think of design in theater, their mind goes straight to the set. It’s easy to do, since the set is often a production’s most dominant and drastic change to a theater space. But it takes many designers, doing jobs that theater-goers often aren’t familiar with, to make the environment of the […]

Esteemed actor Edward Gero predicts the future of Washington theatre


Edward Gero is in his sixth consecutive year of playing Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre. If you want to do the math, he’s played the part upwards of 300 times. That comes to more than 1,200 visitations from Marley’s Ghost and the various Spirits of Christmas, be they past, present, or […]

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