Warlow and company deliver a stunning Man of La Mancha

Nehal Joshi as Sancho and Anthony Warlow as Don Quixote (Photo: Scott Suchman)

What object best represents Man of La Mancha, the newly opened musical at Shakespeare Theater Company? Maybe a stylish and well-fitting pair of jeans with rivets on the seams. Perhaps a classic Chrysler LeBaron with shiny wheel spokes and smooth pseudo-wood panel on the side. Or Man of La Mancha could be a fine bottle […]

Metromaniacs. Don’t disburse. This one’s a first review in terse verse


The Shakespeare Theatre has brought back David Ives to instill some archaic French literature in our lives.

Lessons for the White House from Macbeth sequel Dunsinane


The question of the year for theatre wonks has been answered: Does the sequel hold up to the original? We’ve waited a long time for this particular answer — for more than four hundred years. That’s even longer than anyone’s waited for the follow-up from Harper Lee. With the opening on Tuesday night of the […]

Lights, Sound, Costumes, Puppets! Designers speak about STC’s The Tempest


When most audience members think of design in theater, their mind goes straight to the set. It’s easy to do, since the set is often a production’s most dominant and drastic change to a theater space. But it takes many designers, doing jobs that theater-goers often aren’t familiar with, to make the environment of the […]

Esteemed actor Edward Gero predicts the future of Washington theatre


Edward Gero is in his sixth consecutive year of playing Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre. If you want to do the math, he’s played the part upwards of 300 times. That comes to more than 1,200 visitations from Marley’s Ghost and the various Spirits of Christmas, be they past, present, or […]

Max McLean on The Great Divorce, opening this week


It’s strange to say, about the components of a project called The Great Divorce, that they are a team that is returning. But they are — they’re back, they being C.S. Lewis, Fellowship for Performing Arts, and Max McLean.

A spectacular Tempest at Shakespeare Theatre


By Act IV’s wedding masque celebrating the betrothal of Ferdinand and Miranda, I fully capitulated to the spell of enchantment director Ethan McSweeny has conjured for The Tempest, his latest work at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Sex war showdown at Shakespeare’s Lansburgh Theatre

lysistrata trial 21

Someone has stormed the Capitol, looted the Treasury, eviscerated the Judiciary, and declared sex illegal. No, no, not Ted Cruz. This happened thousands of years ago, and the culprit was Lysistrata. But no crime is so ancient that it cannot attract the attention of Washington lawyers, and thus on November 24th Lysistrata was brought before […]

As You Like It star Zoë Waites on Michael Attenborough and Edward Albee


“He wanted to do something strange and melancholic, but also very joyful.” Zoë Waites was speaking about Michael Attenborough and his choice of As You Like It, which he directed at Shakespeare Theatre Company. When I interviewed STC Artistic Director Michael Kahn at the time he announced his season, he indicated to me that Attenborough […]

Too expensive? How’s free? Shakespeare Theatre distributing 1,000 free tix for each production

A new initiative by the Shakespeare Theatre Company will make available 1,000 free tickets to every mainstage production of its 2014-15 season. STC launched its FREE WILL program this week, expanding on its annual Free For All, which helps make theatre accessible to all residents of the D.C. Metro area.

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