As You Like It star Zoë Waites on Michael Attenborough and Edward Albee


“He wanted to do something strange and melancholic, but also very joyful.” Zoë Waites was speaking about Michael Attenborough and his choice of As You Like It, which he directed at Shakespeare Theatre Company. When I interviewed STC Artistic Director Michael Kahn at the time he announced his season, he indicated to me that Attenborough […]

Too expensive? How’s free? Shakespeare Theatre distributing 1,000 free tix for each production

A new initiative by the Shakespeare Theatre Company will make available 1,000 free tickets to every mainstage production of its 2014-15 season. STC launched its FREE WILL program this week, expanding on its annual Free For All, which helps make theatre accessible to all residents of the D.C. Metro area.

As You Like It from Shakespeare Theatre Company


Convoluted romantic fantasy that it is, As You Like is often revered by Shakespeare aficionados as one of the Bard’s best plays, as it contains some of his most lyrical passages within a mix of reflective melancholy and laugh-out-loud comedy.

Venus and Adonis by Isango Ensemble


A very different show than Isango Ensemble’s companion piece, Magic Flute, Venus and Adonis is more somber, less accessible, and is more of an acquired taste. While Flute is deliriously fun for all ages, Venus and Adonis is definitely slanted to a more sedate crowd ready to hunker down and deal with the vagaries of […]

The Magic Flute by Isango Ensemble


Who knew that Mozart’s Magic Flute could bounce and sway with an African beat? It does, big time in the masterful production by the visiting artistry of the Isango Ensemble from Cape Town, South Africa. And I mean visiting as in short run of only several performances remaining before they pack up for the rest […]

The Winter’s Tale, STC’s Free for All reprise


“Exit, pursued by a bear.” If there’s anything about The Winter’s Tale that audiences might know in advance, this–arguably the best stage direction ever penned–will be it. The Winter’s Tale challenges audiences in a way altogether unique in Shakespeare’s canon, bringing together elements of comedy, tragedy, and fantasy into one script. More than any of […]

Free for All Winter’s Tale. How to get tickets

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In 1991, Shakespeare Theatre Company presented The Merry Wives of Windsor as its first ever Free For All production, allowing all audience members to get a taste of Shakespeare at no cost. The tradition has continued ever since with more than half a million theatergoers checking out one of the Bard’s tales.

Why we love robots. Free reading of first robot play R.U.R. at National Academy of Sciences

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It was back in 2009 when the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences teamed with Shakespeare Theatre Company to present a staged reading of Inherit the Wind, as a way to showcase science in theater. For those unfamiliar with the play, it tells the fictionalized account of the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial, which […]

Buyer and Cellar, hilarious


The roadshow version of Buyer & Cellar starring Michael Urie? It’s like buttah. Barbra Streisand will probably never show up at a performance—c’mon Babs, Carole King put on her big girl panties and finally braved Beautiful, the Tony Award-winning musical about her—but she would most likely be as charmed as the rest of the audience […]

Buyer and Cellar star, Michael Urie, on Barbra and the Kahn connection


Michael Urie is coming to town in Buyer and Cellar, giving DC audiences the chance to see one of New York City’s most talked-about performances of last season.  It’s exciting news that Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC) has augmented its STC Presentation Series to include such a can’t-miss, hot-ticket show.  (It did so at the last […]

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