The River at Spooky Action (review)

It looks like a love story — a Heathcliff-and-Catherine love story, where the passion is so profound and misshapen that it obliterates the boundaries of everyday reality. But it isn’t.

Most memorable moments on DC area stages in 2016

As this year closes, perhaps you, like we, are thinking back over your own year spent watching the various riches spread before us by Washington area theatres. I asked our staff for their most vivid memories. We hope you will share your own as comments for us all to savor.

Rameau’s Nephew at Spooky Action Theater (review)

Rameau’s Nephew is a stage adaption of enlightenment era philosopher Denis Diderot’s fictional dialogue between a moralistic philosopher (“I”) and his foil, the greedy and hedonistic nephew of a famous composer (“He”). Too risqué to be published when it was written in the 1700’s, Rameau’s Nephew was made available to the public posthumously in a […]

Happy Hour at Spooky Action (review) Brilliant live action gaming

As gaming and virtual reality become ever more ingrained into popular culture, it’s about time that some creative minds brought it into the world of theater. In the interactive escape drama Happy Hour, Spooky Action Theater and Goethe-Institut bring immersive, gamified action to Washington and ask audiences “What would happen if the game characters were […]

There’s new action at Spooky Action Theater – a live video game

Escape rooms have been all the rage recently, and Spooky Action Theater is getting in on the trend with Happy Hour, a production created by German theater collective machina eX, which offers a live-action twist on the escape room video game genre.

Collaborators at Spooky Action Theater (review)

In a match that’s Man versus Monster, how do you think humanity would fare? In Collaborators, the 2011 award winning play by John Hodge (a dramatist and screenwriter known for the films Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary, and The Beach), humanity loses. Big time.

Can’t Complain from Spooky Action Theater Company

Christine Evans’ Can’t Complain is an exquisitely beautiful play that cuts to the bone. Luciana Stecconi brilliant set plunges us into an in-between world of gradations of gray and charcoal. Gray blankets and sheets, gray pillows, and cushioned arm chairs. A supposedly soothing atmosphere, but one that hurts to be there, like going to a […]

UpClose: Christine Evans, Women’s Voices Theater Festival

Christine Evans’ new play, Can’t Complain, debuts at Spooky Action on October 1, 2015.

Merde! Spooky Action’s Jarry Inside Out gets lost midst the murk

Spooky Action Theater’s spirited dive into the addled mind of avant garde playwright and nonsense man Alfred Jarry provides an experience of the provocateur’s life and art in a manner that complements the artist but eventually loses the audience.

The spooky action of Richard Henrich and Alfred Jarry

As the founder of Spooky Action Theater, Richard Henrich is always searching for unique works to stage at his 16th Street NW venue. For his season closer, he had to search no further than his desk drawer.

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