Synetic’s silent Sleeping Beauty (review)

Arlington’s Synetic Theater transports audiences to the fairy tale realm of enchanted forests and love at first sight in its latest wordless adaptation.

Synetic’s Sleeping Beauty a holiday treat for all ages

Since its beginning in 2001, Synetic Theater has included, among its unforgettable visceral offerings, shows targeted for younger audiences including the much ballyhooed Alice in Wonderland and Beauty & The Beast, both with little to no dialogue.

Dante’s Inferno at Synetic Theater (review)

This isn’t Dante’s Inferno. It isn’t disco inferno either. I don’t know whose inferno this is. But it’s not Dante’s. Dante’s Inferno is a story of a poet’s visit to Hell, where he views the wrath of God being visited upon sinners, each in their own measure. Dante’s Inferno may be a hell of a […]

My won’t-miss shows for this season

If you’re like me, you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, filled out your budget for the next fiscal year, and made arrangements for your final repose after The Event Which Awaits Us All occurs. Now it’s time for something much more difficult: planning your theater season.

Man in the Iron Mask (review): Synetic Theater speaks

All over the promotional material for Synetic’s Man in the Iron Mask, there is a dire warning: THIS PRODUCTION WILL HAVE DIALOGUE. As if audiences have to be warned of talking actors as much as they must be warned of flashing lights, deafening gunshots, vomit-inducing gore, or, heaven forfend, titillating nudity.

Next season, Synetic Theater will be speechless

  Synetic Theater, Washington’s revolutionary movement-based theater company, has announced a schedule of all-movement shows for 2016/17 in which there will be no dialogue. At all. Ever..

Romeo and Juliet, Synetic-style, still enthralls

Alas, poor Shakespeare. As it turns out, you don’t really need language to tell the story of Romeo and Juliet. In Synetic’s electric retelling of the star-crossed lovers’ tale, iambic pentameter has shuffled off its mortal coil, and the Bard’s wit and words have been jettisoned, leaving the bare emotions and the heart of the […]

Susan Galbraith’s Top 10, a celebration of Women’s Voices Theater Festival

I continue to celebrate the voices and the productions that were heard in Washington this Fall as part of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival. Frankly, I’m also still mulling over the questions and the challenges that surfaced then and continue to send ripples through the community.

Rosalind Lacy’s Top 12 shows of 2015

Hispanic theatre bonds me to my family heritage. I was born in Los Angeles, California, with Latino roots that date back to Spain through the American southwest. I grew up in a decade on the brink of the Civil Rights movement in America. It was a time when it wasn’t cool to be Spanish or […]

As You Like It, Synetic-style (review)

Forget the pastoral images of Arden, or the shepherds and royalty you might expect from this play. Synetic’s dance-theatre rendition of As You Like It has all the dark twists and haunted images we’ve come to expect from the underground theatre, and a few turns we might not have foreseen.

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