Two strangers meet on a train – Last Train to Nibroc at Washington Stage Guild (review)

In December, 1940, the bodies of two prominent American writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nathaniel West were shipped cross country in a railcar.  This strangely titled piece is the first of a trilogy about a couple who meet on that train from California, their destination, Corbin, Kentucky. 

Search for Tricia McCauley ends in tragedy

“Tricia is gone. They have found her body,” her brother, Brian McCauley, wrote in a Facebook post this morning. “Thank you for all your work, support and love. To all of her DC family, I know that she truly thought of you that way, thank you for being there for her all these years. Hang […]

At Washington Stage Guild, It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (review)

A play like this, where actors play fictional actors who play roles in an entirely different play, gives you a sort of double vision. You see not Joe Brack playing George Bailey, but Jake Laurents — a fictional character being played by Joe Brack — playing George Bailey. His interpretation of the character is not […]

The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens, and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord at Washington Stage Guild

Fans of Sartre will know this setup: three guys walk into a small room in the afterlife. But unlike No Exit, the characters in The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens, and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord are three of the most eminent men of the nineteenth century. I’d tell you who they are, but […]

Critics are up again in St. Nicholas at Washington Stage Guild (review)

A fascinating conversation about the fascinating story of an all-too-ordinary man, Conor McPherson’s St. Nicholas, at Washington Stage Guild, is theatre for people who like to laugh at, and think about, things they never expected.  As a replacement for the originally-scheduled third installment of George Bernard Shaw’s Back to Methuselah (postponed until the company’s 30th […]

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play at Washington Stage Guild

I am usually a strict adherent to the “No Christmas till after Thanksgiving” edict, but I am happy I broke my own rule and started my holiday season a little early with Washington Stage Guild.

UpClose: Bill Largess as Washington Stage Guild turns 30

Bill Largess is a founding member and Artistic Director at Washington Stage Guild. A graduate of Catholic University, he has been extensively involved as an actor and director in the region for more than three decades. He also serves as a faculty member at George Washington University’s Department of Theater and Dance. His newest directorial […]

Tiny Island at Washington Stage Guild (review)

Michael Hollinger’s Tiny Island certainly fits the theme chosen for the Washington Stage Guild’s 30th year—“A Season of Past & Future.” The premise of estranged sisters reuniting after decades of stony neglect—in the movie house sanctuary of their childhood, no less—and finding their way forward by confronting the past is ripe for exquisite theater but […]

“Ireland’s Chekhov” Brian Friel. A Washington DC remembrance

It was sad to wake this morning to the news that the wonderful playwright Brian Friel has died. Tributes have been quick, effusive, and plentiful, and ranging from the Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland (“One of the giants of Irish literature, and a great Irishman”) to Meryl Streep (“We’ve lost a tender dramatist, an […]

Stage Briefs: skateboarding, new plays, new musical, and happy 30th, WSG

A roundup of some of this week’s theatrical news and notes from The Kennedy Center, Washington Stage Guild and Signature Theatre.

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