William Shakespeare? Enough, already. It’s been four centuries, for crying out loud!

We are pleased to welcome back R. W. Schneider with his admittedly heretical view on the Bard. I plan to bury Shakespeare, not to praise him. The 23rd of this month marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. I propose to honor him with a stake driven through his heart. I hope this will be the […]

Shakespeare’s “bad” quarto by Taffety Punk hailed the best Hamlet (review)

Taffety Punk’s Hamlet, the First Quarto is the Bard’s masterwork as you’ve never seen it before. At least probably. The Punks’ new production grows from their experimental Bootleg series (which is a treat; held every year at the Folger Theatre), where they performed the first quarto of Hamlet (hence Q1), sometimes called the “bad quarto,” […]

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